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Don't Risk Criminal Prosecution


I received an order request to record a voice over for a telemarketing script from a Buyer who recently signed up on Fiverr just this week. In a nutshell, the script urged the recipient of the telemarketing call to get a “free” over the phone assessment of their computer’s security. I requested a mutual cancellation from CS for the obvious reason.

Bad Karma aside, I won’t risk criminal prosecution for any amount of money. Prosecutors in the US can easily obtain a court order for Fiverr’s records in order to hunt me (or anyone else) down. In fact, I’m fairly certain Fiverr is the first place authorities would look to find the culpable given the notorious case Amazon brought against Fiverr Sellers in the past.

Fiverr is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread for freelancers; it sickens me every time one of these creeps slithers onto my gig page.


Totally agreed!
Definitely not worth the risk…