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Don't rush, take your time!

I’ve 2 years of bad experience on Fiverr because I’ve been following some silly tips which resulted of leaving the Hard/Smart work and just depending on impressions and clicks.
Actually we have to understand that if we are somehow getting loads of impressions and clicks through social media (that’s okay :white_check_mark:) or by using traffic software (against Fiverr’s policy :negative_squared_cross_mark:) but not getting a single order, that causes your gigs not being ranked and you put your gigs in the reverse gear yourself while expecting that impression will bring buyers. If you are in the startup, use buyer request effectively (Yeah that works!!! :partying_face:). Don’t copy-paste at all (just replacing the logo name etc). The buyer is spending money and of course he is not going to place the order to the person who haven’t even discussed the requirements. Never rush, I know that after the buyer requests get shown and a couple of second 70-100+ bids are sent, hold on, take time, don’t refresh the tab. Just put all your focus on the buyer requirements and start with a catchy line, in the middle, discuss about the project (not your experiences please) and at the end sum up with a curious while a line which makes the buyer at least contact you and then everything is dependent on your communications (improve it by using some psychology research :open_book:). I hope it will help y’all & me.


I would like to recommend your this post to every new seller, because everyone just put their experience. Very few people write about the project and how he will do it or how he will to better performance than other seller.

I will also give a small trick: Use a special special character on your proposal. Because Buyer will notice the proposal if use a special character like this one ⇛⇛⇛⇛⇛


Special characters might work in some categories for some buyers to get their attention, but usually, special characters just make your offer look messy and unprofessional. Special characters are far to closely associated with spam email and click-bait links.


Definitely, Keep it simple yet professional.

Your account started this month and you have one review.

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Yup, it is. But this is the new one with no silly tips! 2 orders are in queue. I’ve created it 5 days ago which i guess is not bad!
I’ve merged 2 years of experience in this account, by the way thanks for spending time on reviewing this post. Hope it’ll help you!

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