Don't sale on fiverr, if you don"t want people to pay $5...duhhhh


I’m tired of ordering gig’s and seller’s complaining they don’t have time to do my gig for $5 because they have a full time job, or are to busy. Don’t use FIVERR to network and get customer’s but act to F**** arrogant to do the job. If you’re too F*** good to do the job for $5… get the F*** off FIVERR and let somebody else that’s humbled sell…THANK U


You have the same option. If you don’t like it, move on. If you go to a store and don’t like what they are selling, their prices, customer service or whatever, you go elsewhere.


Well, with that attitude, I think you are probably asking a bit too much for the money. I just cancelled a gig where someone asked for one thing, then once they ordered, it turned into something that was way more than the gig provided.

In my experience, if you are getting rejected time and time again after ordering a gig, you need to communicate truthfully with the seller beforehand so there is no misunderstanding of how much you expect.