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Dont see money in my paypal after withdrawal. (indian seller )

I withdrew my money yesterday from my Fiverr balance to my paypal account. the withdrawal was successful. But I dont see any balance in my Paypal account. I have linked my ICICI bank account to my Paypal. Please help!


It can take upto 36 business hours.


The longest I had to wait for my funds was probably an hour. Doesn’t happen too often though.

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I would suggest to use Payoneer for withdrawal purpose.

Because the exchange rate from USD to INR is higher than paypal & also the fees is also less.

And money is transferred in your account in less than 24 hours.

So I personally feel it’s the best & also secured way of getting your money transferred. As once linked even hacker can’t unlink it.

Just ask the Support team to disable the Paypal withdrawal button & that’s it your account is secured.

Thank you :blush:

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Yes thank you for your responses.

Do you guys recieve a transaction ID when you withdraw money from Fiverr to Paypal? I have not recieved any such thing yet.
Also when the withdrawal is successful, do you see it on your dashboard? My dashboard says Withdrawal Initiated .

If your Dashboard says Withdrawal Initiated then you need to confirm the withdraw from your email. You have received a withdraw confirmation email from Fiverr to confirm your withdrawal. Without confirmation, You can’t see the funds in your Paypal and your revenue withdraw also wouldn’t complete.


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Yes i confirmed the withdraw from my email. Plus I also got an email saying withdrawal successful from Fiverr. Still no money in my Paypal account

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Hello, After Withdrawal Fund from Fiverr, Fund is reflect in Paypal, and paypal take 3 to 5 days to withdraw in your local bank account.

Hope this information Help you. Thanks

Also having a problem with withdrawal to PayPal. Clicked on the confirmation link ~4 hours ago, and still the money isn’t in my PayPal, but shown on my balance.
When clicking the link again I get the warning message: “Your withdrawal request is already being processed. No further action is needed.”

This used to take a minute maximum, so wondering why this time it’s so much longer.
Left a ticket with customer support too.

you can contact fiverr help center

I have withdrawal my fiverr balance to paypal and confirm that… fiverr has withdrawal initiated but it has not complet… the paypal account has not recived that amount… withdrawel has still initiated… what can i do for that… can i withdraw that amount or loss it plz tell me

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I guess you may have recieved your payment by now but for future,Contact fiverr support that whether it has been transferred or not.
If it is then ask paypal for the issue and if not then ask fiverr about why has it not been transferred.


i am also facing same problem

Please see my above reply.
I follow same and it works :slight_smile:

i hav contact both. but still no reply from there

still no reply… i contact yesterday

Has anybody had this fixed yet? Any money reached anyones account yet?

Same issue…been 5hrs. Gah

As for me today it took 2 seconds as usual


#you can use Payoneer.
This is best way to withdraw your money.
i am do not use paypal.
Contact fiverr CS