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Don't see my gig in search results


I used to see my gig of translation (here is the link = on top search results in Translation Category but now when I search for it, I don’t see it at all. I updated my gig and still can’t see it. please help me and search from your side and tell me what’s my ranking.
Category = Translation
From = English
To = Arabic

thank you very much.


I’m having the same problem with my gig. In my case, it used to appear without any problems, but after some modifications, it doesn’t appear anymore.

I’ve tried creating the gig from zero, but no luck. Title, description, tags… are all well configured I think. In addition, now when I search “computer repair” only find 40 results, however a few days ago I was able to find like 5 or more pages of results…

I hope we can fix our issue… I think we’re not alone on this.


There might be multiple reasons for this issue.

  1. Targeted Keywords are not good
  2. Order delivered on time rate also affects your gigs in search result.
  3. Order cancellation rate is another factor which can affect gigs in search result.

One more important thing that I noticed. When I stay online for long time I get more impression and visitors on my gigs. So try to stay online and try to reply as soon as possible when you get new message. I hope this reply will help you



Fiverr testing some thing about average price
You can read CS reply about this isue

gig views and sale going down cause of this "average"
gigs showing different price on different places
and cs said that there developers testing it :rage:

"Unfortunately, we do not have a ETA on how long the test will be running. We recommend continue doing your best and once the test is completed, depending on your overall performance on your orders, your gig will appear back to normal. "


Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately, I can’t find either my gig or my username in the search bar. I’m a new seller and just have one order completed and rated with 5 stars, so I shouldn’t have that problem I think. I’m online for a long long time in my computer as well as in my tablet and smarphone.


yes I don’t see your gig in search result. May be your account is new that’s why. My suggestion is to search other sellers’ gigs and check which keywords they are using on their gigs and try to optimize your gig. And also try to apply on buyer requests related to your services and bring more clients. Also contact fiverr customer support for further information.

best of luck bro :slight_smile:


Thank you for your effort. any one else can’t see my gig ?