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Don't see Skill Test result on profile!

So I passed Basic English test couple of month ago, and It was shown on my profile page under Tests taken section.!
But now when I visited my profile page I realize its not there any more !

Do I need to pass it again ?


Same situation. I also want to know about it???

Lets wait for community to rescue us :slight_smile:

Recently, lots of tests were removed, including the Basic English one.

Now, only two English tests remain – the Fiverr English Test and the English Language test.



understood :slight_smile: so our results were removed too right?
I checked that too but I thought Fiverr Eglish more as a basic English !

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Yep, all results have been removed, too. I passed the Basic English test, like you, but my results have gone as well. :slight_smile:

The tests are very similar. They just come under different names. If you passed Basic English, you should be able to pass both of the tests that remain.

I’m not really sure why there were so many English tests originally. No wonder Fiverr removed some.


They have removed some tests

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Thank you !
I will have to pass it back :smiley:

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@surajrenuka same problem faced a lot of number seller this problem, it can be fiverr bug wait some day official announce will publish quick!

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may be they removed few test as few member suggested…? so our result !
but if its bug we should get that back soon !

A few people still have their test score on their profile, but the test name has been removed. It looks like this:


Others, like us, have had their score removed entirely.

It’s possible that the test has been removed temporarily, because it’s buggy. Personally, I think Fiverr removed it to promote their own Fiverr English test. That test covers pretty much everything the Basic test did, and the answers to it aren’t all over social media.

We’ll know for sure soon!


I was thinking of contacting CS for this , may be if its bug they can help us out !
But I would still prefer to wait of more people Jumps in and share their experience, if they come ;D

Same here :cold_face: I just take the Fiver English Test but, I don’t see my results! Why?

Some times it may be you don’t have enough results to pass the exam.

i have the same issue, have taken test and the result is 6.5 but does not show on profile.