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Don't sell to buyers with low ratings

Always check the rating of the buyer before selling to a buyer. There are many buyers who won’t accept the order delivery and you may end up cancelling the gig and giving them your work for free.

But if they order the gig, don’t you HAVE to do it? Or can you chose not to do it?

Reply to @seanc99: You can cancel. Cancellation should be the last option, though.

But some buyers are first time users. They are really good people. They don’t have any rating but they accept the delivery. So I don’t think this is a good idea. If you have too many orders, then you can do it. But if you are getting limited number of orders this is not a good idea.

how can a buyer see their rating low or high?

Reply to @christina123: yup

it’s also increase my cancellation ratio. i am going to down in search result :-((

I think it also depends on what service you are providing. Some services tend to get negative buyers more than other services, for example SEO. Whereas, in creative, most buyers tend to be nice.

Fiverr is NOT a closed community where we buy things from each other! Getting new buyers, from outside Fiverr is crucial for gigs as well as Fiverr itself.

Cancellation of orders just on the basis of checking buyer ratings and profile should be a last resort and should be used with EXTREME caution.

Very good point to discuss. It is always good to check their ratings because buyers do have a lots of power than the sellers here :wink: