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Don't sell yourself short

Today a buyer approached me to buy one of my gigs. He quickly ordered after a short discussion. For any of you in the music business you know that work for hire or exclusive beats can range from anywhere between $100 and well over $1000 but this is fiver right? For $5 this guy wanted tracked out wave files, exclusive rights and a mix and master. I am not about to sell myself short. All this that he asked for can easily cost $300 from a relatively unknown producer. But hey this is fiver right? By the way I would have settled for $100 because I am a fair guy but for $5 there’s no way in hell I would do that much work. Even though i’m relatively new here on fiver I am not desperate. Don’t sell yourself short guys. It’s okay to go below market price but don’t let anyone walk all over you especially when you know what you are worth. I went to the Berklee College of Music. I am certified to do this kind of work. $5 is insane. Here ends this rant…

You may want to add some details as to what you do for a fiverr. I read your description and his request sounds very similar to what you say you offer in conjunction with Fiverr TOS.

You right but here you’ll find “audio engineer” that will mix and master a track for 5 dollars so you have to adapt to the gig market, I offer mastering and mixing services and I know what you are talking about!

I would be very specific in your gig description about what you offer for $5. After skimming through your current descriptions, I can see how a buyer could assume you would offer all these features he or she wanted.

Besides have Gig Extras, it’s best to plainly state what you’ll actually do for $5, then list other popular requests that will cost more.

Why would someone work on a $5 site if they thought they were above it? If you had the “skills and abilities” you would be working at a real job that pays 50k + a year. The fact that you are on here means you are desperate and looking to exploit your talents and hobbies for money! I must say I love Fiverr, it allows me to do what I love and earn a substantial income from doing so! You have to know how to price what you do. After all, people are on here to get a “good deal” this is the home of the $5 logos, get my drift.