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Don't share your gigs on "social media"

Every new seller like me is looking for his gig rankings and orders. So, when we search for how to get more traffic to your gig, one of the topmost recommendations everywhere on the whole internet is that “share your gigs on social media”. but but but, here are my thoughts that why sharing on social media will not work even it may harm your gig. If I’m not right please share your thoughts too.

#1) Nowadays, almost everyone knows about freelancing platforms where they can get quality work at cheap prices, then why would they ever prefer to get their work done through social media. And the people posting for work on platforms like twitter are usually those who want their work done for free and secondly if a potential buyer doesn’t know about Fiverr then he is never going to buy your gig just by clicking your link, in this case, he would first research about Fiverr, open his new account and then possibly go out to some other decent seller instead of you.

#2) when every seller hears that he should share his gig on social media, he starts sharing his gigs on every platform, almost every seller starts doing this and hence they form a pool of shared gigs on almost every post and at every potential buyer post. So, no one is going to click your link from a pool of so many gig links.

#3) Now just imagine if a seller shares his gig on a (so-called)Facebook gig promotional groups where people would click on your gig to give you more clicks and views then wouldn’t it negatively affect your gig as all those clicks resulting in zero orders (as their purpose was just to click not to order), which Fiverr system will take as a bad gig which failed to attract buyers and eventually Fiverr will more de-rank your already un-ranked gig.

Please also share your thoughts too. and also share some tips to drive solid and worthy traffic to your gigs.


Regarding #1 I don’t feel like it’s an issue because you share the link of your gig, so the potential buyer still needs to go through Fiverr to make an order and won’t ask you to do it through social media. Or if they do, you can just re-direct them to Fiverr.

Point #2 is the same problem we have on Fiverr, there are so many people. The advantage of sharing on social media is that you share it on YOUR profile with YOUR contacts that already know you, so maybe they will be most likely to order from you than from other sellers they don’t know.

Point #3 I agree, that could be an issue.


You are forgetting the main point - Fiverr takes 20% commission for the lead generation they provide. If you can get clients through social media directly, do business with them directly, no need to pay 20% to anyone.


so what are your final thoughts about it, should we share our gigs on social media or not?
and any other way to drive potential buyers from outside to your gigs?

Personally I don’t share my gigs on social media because I don’t use social media much, so it wouldn’t bring me any benefit. It all depends from the kind of network you have outside of Fiverr, if you have active social media that reach many people or you know there would be people interested, I would share them.

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