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🚫 Don't show a badge of any kind in your gig images TOP RATED SELLERS Alert ❗


I reported someone for copying my gig and the result was that my gig was removed for editing due to having my TRS badge in the image for it.

If there had been a notification about this I would have edited it without needing for it to be removed for editing.

So to anyone who reads this and has a badge in your gig images such as the TRS badge, it is no longer allowed.

The person I reported still has my copied image plus the copied image of my top seller logo and his gig is still live. I’m sure it will be gone soon.

Apparently this is a new change. I found it listed in the learning section, under Images.

This post should be pinned to the top for at least a few days so people have a chance to change their gig images. In some categories it’s very common to show badges in gig images. This makes TRS in particular vulnerable.


I guess because Levels now keep on changing every month so to make sure no on misuses it!


It’s not new. The rule has been around since the St. Level’s Day was introduced. I think they didn’t enforce it, though, not if the badge reflected your level accurately.


They must have decided to enforce it now. I’ve had two of my gigs removed for editing.


It’s good that they had removed it only for editing and not permanent.


If they plan on enforcing it they should send a notice about it first. I had no idea this wasn’t allowed and it looks like many don’t know about it.


It has always been there, or since I joined fiverr in 2017!!



  • Only use images, videos, or other types of content in your portfolio, which are created or fully owned by you.
  • Categories with video as the main delivery output must have a video as the main media source.
  • Categories with audio as the main delivery output must have at least one audio or video file attached.
  • The images you use should be clear, high resolution (not pixelated), and in the right dimensions.
  • Don’t add badges on the image.


I never looked at the articles in that fiverr learning area before because I thought reading the Terms of Service was enough. I’m surprised to find I was actually breaking a rule without knowing it.


Damn! thanks for the info @misscrystal
Now I going to change mine.

Here’s the new video said don’t put any level badge on your gig images.


@chrisdata Thanks for that video! I haven’t seen that anywhere.


I had around 6 of mine removed 2 days before losing my level.


Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


It’s for all levels of seller - I had the same thing happen on two of my gigs, and the explanation is because levels change, so having a level image, may be misleading to a buyer!


I’m sure I saw a badge in a video where the seller wasn’t at the level it said in the gig video. Maybe the rule would apply to videos too, even though they don’t say yet.


It’s so common to see badges in gig images so I was surprised.

I now see the person who had copied my gig has the part that was copied removed and his gigs are live. It was the same way with my images in his gigs this morning and now it’s gone. It looks like his gigs were updated in the last few hours and never were removed.

Mine are still pending approval.

Oddly enough he still has the big logo TOP RATED as one of his images although he is level zero. In my gig that was the only badge I had, not a fiverr badge, just a big gold star that says top rated. So I removed that am waiting. Maybe they didn’t notice that in his.

I’ve been reporting copies of my gig forever and this never happened. I happened to stumble across his copied gig of mine. I probably have other copycats of my gigs right now.


Same happened with me as well, but in my case, I had mentioned my level badge on my gig description… :frowning:
But they activated my gig within 24 hours after editing. :blush:


I’m sure mine will be activated soon. It’s just odd that his are now changed and active and mine aren’t. Along with him still having the TOP RATED star as an image.


Thank you so much ‘misscrystal’ for this information :slight_smile:



Yes, they will do, make sure you have not mentioned the badge on any image & description of the gig.