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Don't show my gig online when i am in online!

I found my gig inactive when I really in online. So what is the solution now to comeover.

Please help me.



this happens to me too, All the time. The only way to show I’m online is to go click “messages” and go to one of my conversations. Try it and see what happens.

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I have no messages yet in my conversations :frowning:

Is there any other way to find out, my dear?

Gonna try and message you there.

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Try refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t work go to your profile image at the top of the Fiverr main page and click on Settings. You can check and change it there.

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You can try to go to settings and the your profile
You’ll find your status settings
It may have been set offline
Change it to online.
That may help resolve the issue

You go to setting and change offline status to online.I Attach a screenshot I think Its Help You!!!

That Is Setting Change Setting Offline To GO Online!!

Thanks! @lloydsolutions

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