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Don't tell me I'm about to have my order taken as a hostage


well looks like I may have to have fiverr step or get this seller to drop the price of owning the copyrights to MY logo since she didn’t mention anything about copyrights in the gig description nor mentioned it before I even placed my order. Well lets see how this plays out because I know in the long run it’s considered my logo because of her failing to state so unless she cancels the order

Currently chatting to a fiverr rep [MERGED INTO TOPICAL POST]
Currently chatting to a fiverr rep [MERGED INTO TOPICAL POST]

The rules of fiverr say that what you get from a seller is not their copyright, that passes to you, so she is violating the rules if she is making you a logo but saying she still has the copyright.

You should take a screenshot of her saying that and report her to customer support and ask for a refund.


she has every right for charge for copyright but both parties have to agree before the order was placed and she was suppose to put that in order to own this material you need to purchase an extra gig for copyright

The only reason why this completely stupid rule is in place is because of fiverr if they were to just stick to the US copyright law there wouldn’t be an issue regarding copyright


Why buy a logo from someone if they retain the copyright? Why buy anything at all on fiverr if the seller retains the copyright?

It’s a ridiculous idea that you pay someone to make a logo, write something for you, or anything else, but they still own the copyright. That’s why it’s in the TOS that the copyright transfers to the buyer for everything.


I think you had a conversation about copyright before, where fonthaunt gave you a lot of useful info:


exactly I avoid all sellers who mention copyrights because this is a for hire gig im paying you to create content for me to own not you


So why did you say that? She does not have a right to do that according to fiverr’s TOS, and according to copyright law. As that law states, if you hire someone to make you some logo or write something for you, then you own that copyright just as if you made it yourself.

Only if it had already been made and you buy it from her would she still be the copyright holder.


I did but this post doesn’t reflect that in my other post I was giving people information about copyright law. and fonthaunt made my post confusing for others. simply put both parties need to agree on who gets copyright that’s if its ever mentioned if not like all buyers I assume I own total rights to it. 2. they can sell you a license if they already own the content which most people want a unique stuff not rip offs. 3. upon delivery the content is the buyers.


What did she say? She is claiming to still own the copyright?


because of fiverrs really stupid TOS basically allows it, and i say depending on what the content would be used for lets say if the buyer plans on reselling that content that content then yes i would say mention that they would need to buy the rights for that, because the seller is losing out on potential money. but if it’s something like a logo or anything that won’t be resold then that seller has no right to charge for copyright


this the an extra gig offer after I told her to complete the order “If you are not tight with your budget. You can even buy buy copyrights for your logo.So, that in future no one will be able to sue you because you’ll be having copyrights file with you”

but I will be asking fiverr to check and see if this seller made any changes to her gigs description


You own the copyright already! You hired her to make it for you!


You’ve been on 5r for almost three years.

Listen very carefully to what misscrystal is saying. You own the copyright.

Please be more diligent in finding the right seller next time. If you’re not sure about someone, spend $5 to test them. That’s what I do.

I learned things the hard way.


trust me I know but once again this is fiverrs doing


well either way its custom work so this from fiverr applies " For removal of doubt, in custom created work (such as art work, design work, report generation etc.), the delivered work shall be the exclusive property of buyer, and seller assigns all rights, title and interest in the delivered work. "


Yes so why not send that quote to the seller?


Hi there everybody! I’m in deep looking for the right seller and the right price for my business logo right now. Naturally, this story is a little concerning.

I would hate to call out a seller on here but since I’ve been talking to a lot of female logo designers lately, I’d love to know who this is. Even if she is in the wrong, this is still a hassle I’d like to avoid!

Isn’t copyright a minefield!


Calling out a buyer, or seller, on the forum is not allowed, so please don’t ask. :slight_smile:


No it’s not on fiverr. I’ve never heard of any seller doing this. Please don’t worry about it, this is a one of a kind situation. No seller of logos attempts to do this that I’ve ever heard of or they won’t last long or get good reviews.


Good point! Well for the person this has affected, I hope everything works out!