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Don't think I'm in the wrong here


Wow. A long-time client just went bonkers on me when I refused to accept his offer to my offer if he used a discount code that Fiverr is using. My experiences with the codes is a loss of income for me, which isn’t right.

He literally went off claiming I was a waste of his time that I didn’t accept his offer of $30 then $35 then $40 with the discount. First off, the project was worth $40 and negotiating for cheaper because you want it cheaper makes me feel you don’t respect my time, efforts or work. So just no.

And with Fiverr offering a discount code, my experiences with it is that I lose money unless Fiverr cs agrees to reimburse me. Sorry but no to that too. Too much of a hassle.

He literally went nuts with it saying he’d find someone better, which I had said maybe he needed to find a person that would align with his budget. I thought I was pretty professional. My only hope is that he doesn’t go to cs before I can get back toy computer later today. I want to make them aware of what is going on to explain my side.

He was like what if he had ordered before with the discount, would I have cancelled. I’ve had it happen and I’ve dealt with it by talking with the buyer. Most have been understanding… he’s the only one not to have been.

Unfortunately, on the app, i couldn’t report the buyer’s behavior… Just block him. It’s a good thing I’m on vacation mode as he can’t order and then I can go to his name and block him from ordering from me altogether.

This is my business and if I don’t want to work with you, I won’t. But just wow! His messages came across as if I should be grateful for his business using Lol after everything mentioned with a dollar sign or saying he’s on a budget. Join the rest of the world. I am too.


He’s being rude over trying to save $10? Good riddance to him. Sellers always have a right not to work for anyone, or set whatever price they choose. I’m surprised a long time client would do something like that. Usually they are the most appreciative I’ve found.


He lost a great worker 'cos he wanted to save ten measly dollars. Irony is it’ll cost him five times that trying to find another writer he’s happy with.


Sorry - I’m going to disagree here - ducking first! :slightly_smiling_face:

Fiverr gave your buyer a code to spend as they wanted - they chose to spend it with you, and were actually good enough to approach you to discuss it beforehand.

I realise you’ve had a problem with discount codes in the past, and have spoken to CS about them - could you not just have done that again?

I don’t know how CS would regard a seller refusing to take a discount code that’s been provided by Fiverr to be honest, but I hope it all works out in the end. :christmas_tree:


I disagree with you @ merciavideo. If Fiverr is providing a discount, then why don’t they give it from their pocket. They could have easily give it from their 20% commission part.


I don’t know how the discount is being given, or where it comes from, which is why it would seem best to speak to CS about it, as it’s Fiverr who’s giving the discount codes out to buyers.

I’ve got a discount code sitting in my email inbox - it doesn’t say I’ve got to have the seller’s agreement to use it - just that it’s buyer’s discount. If I approached a seller with a legitimate discount code I wouldn’t expect to have to negotiate with the seller about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added - here’s what it says: (from a buyer’s POV)
1. To receive your discount, simply enter your promo code in the checkout page. If you fail to do so, your purchase will not be eligible for the discount. The discount will be applied to the entire order as a whole.


Suppose you get a voucher or coupon, and a store is giving 50% off on every product you buy when you show the voucher while paying the bills. You went to the store and bought something. That doesn’t mean that the store should give its workers less salary at the end of that month.
Similarly, Fiverr is the store, we are the workers here.
I hope you understand! :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed - maybe you need to ask Fiverr to stop giving discount codes out to their buyers then? There doesn’t seem to be much point in having them if sellers can refuse to accept them. :wink:


I would not be opposed to buyers using them if they would be applied to Fiverr’s profit loss, not mine. I am not offering the discount; Fiverr is. Why take the loss off me as well?

I’ve had other buyers use them and I wasn’t always able to recover the funds from Fiverr when it was clear the buyer used a discount. Why penalize sellers for the site’s offering?

Of a $40 gig, the buyer pays $36. Of which I would get $29.90 or something like that. I’m supposed to get $32. Does that seem fair to you?

When I explained this to him, that’s when he went irate and off in a tirade. Again, I’m not offering the code, Fiverr is but it affects me. And yes, I’ve said this to them before.


No, it doesn’t, but it’s not the buyer’s fault. He’s just trying to use a discount code which says ‘Fiverr’ on it - he doesn’t know all the ins and outs, and just wants to use his discount. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hence the reason I explained to him the situation. Any buyer I’ve had before and explained understood the situation. The reality was that he wanted was a discount either way. He only wanted to pay $30 for $40 worth of work initially then $35. I politely refused and said it may be best to find another seller who fit his budget. I was never rude even when he was.


The only part of this that is off (to me) is the discount code issue. Sellers shouldn’t lose funds over codes but buyers should be able to use them. If there is an issue it should be discussed between the seller and Support. No matter how much money is involved, savvy online buyers on and off Fiverr are likely to seek out codes. I don’t think sellers should argue about it with their potential clients. I understand the issue and it may be unfair, but professionally it should be out back in Fiverr’s court.


@emeraldawnn already discussed the issue with Support, on previous occasions, and the issue is still here.

Maybe, just maybe, if a lot of sellers start refusing to offer their services to buyers using the discount code until the issue is fixed, it will get fixed.


I had no idea about the discount codes. I’d be mad too.


I don’t find the documentation/article/part of the TOS that explains the mechanism of the discount, i.e. who pays for the discount.
Any clue?


If I had a discount code then as a buyer I would simply use it. Fiverr is one of the few platforms where sellers have no option to accept/reject orders. The main goal is to make the purchase flow to buyers as simple as possible. It’s not buyer’s concern to figure out where the discount is coming from.

However, as a seller I would contact CS and demand a refund or a section from TOS showing that I’ve agreed to such discounts. There’s no point arguing with the client. If they have the code and they want to use it then they have the right to use it.


You make a good argument uxriview. I had a client go ahead and place an order using one, and didn’t realize why my earnings were so off at first. But by that time I had no choice.


Wow! I never knew that this is what the discount code does. This is very unfair to sellers. Fiverr needs to do something about this.


That’s not fair to sellers and it’s also not fair to buyers. Therefore I agree with uxreview:

Someone else asked about documentation on all this. I don’t think there is any. I think that discount codes are buggy and there is little official info on them. It shouldn’t be that way. I still don’t think it makes sense to punish buyers for that and if we refuse to sell to buyers over it that doesn’t seem right to me. That’s just my opinion.


I agree. And I agree with @uxreview, too, it’s not the buyer’s concern to figure out where the discount is coming from. The thing is, if @emeraldawnn complained and the discount code is still buggy, perhaps Fiverr would pay more attention (and fix the code) if buyers started complaining that sellers don’t want to work with them if they apply the discount code.

And no, it wouldn’t be fair to buyers, and it wouldn’t be nice to punish buyers for something that’s not their fault. But if Fiverr doesn’t listen to sellers complaining…