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Don't Trust The App

It was the worse condition when I didn’t check out my Fiverr account on my laptop for two days and received a message from the buyer but the Fiverr app didn’t show any notification and my response rate is surely going to deplete because I responded to him after 20 hours. I lost a buyer just because I trusted the App. Please check your Fiverr account on regular basis.


Could be an issue with your phone, settings or OS. I’ve used the app on three different phones and they’ve never had any issues.

My phone is okay…But Only one issue…
Always show notification after 10 min later… :cold_sweat:


There has a lots of bug for fiverr app. i have also same kind of problem.


Someone who can understand my issue

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if you depend on fiverr apps then you face a lots of problem and lost many always use fiverr website for safety.

Response rate will not be affected as long as you actually responded in 20 hours.

It tracks the percentage of first responses sent within 24 hours over the last 60 days.

Your response time will surely get worse but it is not the most important and it does not affect your rating.

You might have lost chance to get an order. Even if you responded to User the same minute they contacted you, it does not mean you would get an order…

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Only issue in Oppo Phone.,…!!

Please check notification settings both email and mobile on Fiverr account.

I always use the app. The notification comes faster at PC but within 2 minutes it shows on the app. Always keep updating your app.

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thats really sad and annoying at the same time. hope they will update their app soon


Always keep updating your app.


Mine sometimes. Not always.

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