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Don't try to understand Fiverr


Just go with the flow. I’m down in the search results, lower than I’ve ever been, and yet I’ve been busy like hell for the last 2 weeks and have lots of work to do over the next 30-35 days. I’ve given up trying to understand Fiverr, just do your best and don’t worry about things you cannot control, such as the stats. Yes, don’t make this your only source of income, treat everything like a nice bonus and you will enjoy your time here. All the best!


You are right. No body till this date and will never understand what the fiverr search algorithm is.


Nice post writer. I totally agree!


Dont try to understand Fiverr, Fiverr will try to understand you…


Same here mate,
Past i was first in search result, Now i am not in first 4 raw.


That’s a good attitude to have. It always confuses me when someone with two sales and bad reviews shows up ahead of an obviously well-established, high-rated seller. You can’t get your stomach in a know when it happens to you or you’ll be miserable.


I wish it good luck with that.

Nice post, had missed that somehow. Flow is good.
Thanks and all the best yourself!


Are you getting alot of 5-star reviews?