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Don't understand how remove commission


Please can someone clarify this for me.
I just sold a gig worth $50, and fiverr generates $40 to me, another example is $15 and fiverr generates $8,please what am I missing??


Fiverr takes 20%

So on second example, something else is problem.


Yeah, as said above, Fiverr takes a 20% commission on any and all transactions that take place; regardless of tip, gig, or whatever else.

Hope this helps!


Also Fiverr takes a commission when you transfer the money to your PayPal account.


What commission does Fiverr take? To Payoner also?


From Fiverr to Payoneer - no commissions


Fiverr has bills to pay, everything has a price. Some websites make you buy credits so you can bid on orders, others have membership fees, Fiverr only makes money when you make money. You made a $50 sale because Fiverr allows you to be here, now Fiverr needs her cut.

By the way, Fiverr only gets 20%. A $15 order means you keep $12 and they get $3. Also, Fiverr only gets paid if the client doesn’t demand a refund. Refunds means Fiverr doesn’t get paid.


Fiverr does’t take any commission when you send money to payoneer and exchange rate is also better than paypal