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Don't understand why Buyer Request wasn't approved

Hi everyone, I posted a Buyer Request today and it was declined. I read the TOS but couldn’t figure out why it was declined. I made some changes to the wording, and after posting the second buyer request, it was also declined and then I received a TOS violation warning with no explanation. (Potential account suspension.) The buyer request is listed below. Any insights appreciated. (The research is for a webinar I’m running in a few weeks.)

I am looking for the latest information about COVID and need a virtual assistant, with strong English skills (preferably Asia-based) who can complete the research. These are the questions I need answered: As of June 2020, what is the estimated economic impact of COVID on the Global Economy and the following economies? 1. United States 2. China 3. Japan 4. Germany 5. India 6. United Kingdom 7. France 8. Italy 9. Brazil 10. Canada 11. Russia 12. South Korea 13. Spain 14. Australia 15. Mexico 16. Indonesia 17. Netherlands 18. Saudi Arabia 19. Turkey 20. Switzerland While doing your research, list ten interesting (and RECENT) facts about COVID that most people do not know. What are the top ten latest scientific/medical studies being conducted about COVID? What is an interesting COVID mental well-being fact/statistic (i.e. the psychological impact of COVID, WFH etc.) from at least ten of the 20 countries above. What are the top ten most interesting and creative ways people are coping with being quarantined and working from home? Any other interesting facts about COVID you find along the way. Results need to be CONCISE, to the point, presented in a PowerPoint file and all statistics/facts need to have a link to the source.


Fiverr rejects all things covid related at the moment. No gigs … and apparently no buyer requests either …


Okay thank you, that is helpful. But why would they give me a TOS violation as a result? (Ouch, that really hurts!) I am on Fiverr a hundred times per day and have never seen any notice about steering clear of COVID. Happy to do so, just didn’t know. Did I miss something?

The only thing you missed was Fiverr not saying anything about it.

They now seem to be cracking down hard … some of the gigs offered at the beginning of all this had to be seen to be believed. Really.


Okay thank you, I can see how the current times might create opportunists. Stay safe and take care.


In Fiverr’s particular case, opportunities going as far as putting people’s lives at risk.

Some sellers have no sense of limits and, sadly, I guess they’ll never have…

Thanks! You too.

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