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Don't Update Your Gig Too Often! Must Read!

Don’t update your gig too often. It will change your position in search results.

My Experience:
I have done this before and now I know what it looks like without any sales. I went on a vacation with leaving the impression at 28k and after returning back my impression, click, views and everything went drastically down, impression is 67 now. I have updated my gig too often almost every next hour and same process every other day. RESULT was “NO SALES”. My gig went out of the search results and then I raised my query in Fiverr Support and its been 2 months now that they still doesn’t have a solution and same reply every time whenever I ask for any update on the solution: “Our Tech Team is still looking into the matter and whenever they have a solution, we will update you in this regards. Thanks for your patience”.

So, sellers don’t update your gig too often.

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same problem with me, my gigs are also not showing in the search results. I have added SEO’s and tags still no result. This is annoying!!


Yes, same here. I am also applying some fixes from here and there and I had an order.

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I can assure you that you will have sales if you can bring your price down to 50% of the current price. Apply this fix and wait for 24 hrs. You are level 1 seller with little reviews, you have to invest $10 from your side to earn sales as currently your gig price is $20. If can bring it down to $10, you might have an order.


thanks for your consideration, i’ll apply your suggestion :slight_smile:

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Same Here :slight_smile:

no sales after gig updated


I’ve just come back from vacation mode too, and it does take a while to start ranking in searches again. Keep on with the Buyer Requests and you will soon get orders back and start moving up the rankings again.


End result: only tweak those gigs which are already inactive and hidden somewhere…


This sums it up perfectly! If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it!


How often do you update your gig? Take a poll below!!

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You will have sales in a day or so as you were almost constant on sales. :slight_smile: .

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Well, if you want to get better result by updating your gig, you have to update it as per the Fiverr SEO works. If you change the tags, that were the reason of your gig’s high conversion, things won’t be the same. So, whenever you update something, know the cause and effects of it. And always research before doing anything.


I stopped updating gigs when I saw that they were not getting very many impressions or sales when I did that. It was over one year ago that I stopped.

I added packages to a few gigs and they never made many sales again after that. I still have about five gigs I never updated to packages that are the ones that get orders.

Gigs that get updated get punished.

What is the meaning of that first post? There needs to be an explanation of what that is.


It is because when you update, Fiverr removes you from the searches for 48 hours (up to)

There are two ways of ranking gigs:

  1. Recommended. Which is ‘hand selected’ by the system. This is the default setting.
  2. By ‘Rating’

If you edit your gig, then you will be removed from the ‘recommended’ for around 48 hours. You should always regain your place, though.

The ‘rating’ one is the key one. It is not really based on rating. The more orders you complete, the higher you climb up. So, if you are out of the searches for 48 hours, you have FEWER people looking at your gig and buying it. This gives your competitors the chance to overtake you. Even if you fall back by a page in the ‘rating’, your impressions are going to go down. This is what I have noticed (for writing category only)

Page 1: about 1,500 impressions per day
Page 2: about 300 impressions per day
Page 3: about 200 impressions per day
Page 4: about 125 impressions per day

So, it is a big fall if you are not taking orders.

I suggest that you send out some buyer requests. If you do, you can force yourself back up the search rankings.


It was meant to be designed as a poll, but it didn’t worked though. I thought of removing that poll but it didn’t allow me to do so. So, it’s there as it is. :slight_smile:


per day im getting 2000 impressions bro but i can see my gigs in first page


I have about half my usual number of sales this month although I took five days off but still, it should be higher. Those sales are about 3/4 repeat buyers. I would love to update my gigs but don’t want to give the death blow to my sales.

Fiverr bring back the time when updating our gigs meant we would get a boost.

That was a GOOD thing not a bad thing, for sellers and for fiverr. If it helps sellers, it helps fiverr.

It seems like at some time it was decided that sellers trying to help their gigs by making changes to them meant that they were trying to trick the search engine.


Fiverr is an imperfect system, and it’s all too random. 2-3 years ago when I got started there was some structure to it. I don’t see that now. But I built a base of 1000 clients in my first 2-3 years and have been living off that.


It was wonderfully predictable then. We could update our gigs and they would be boosted in the ranks and we could expect some extra sales. It was secure, steady and a joy to work with.

Our extra efforts were rewarded with sales. The more we worked on our gigs the more we earned. Sellers who ignored their gigs were ranked lower.

Now that is reversed. Hard workers who try to improve their gigs get ranked lower. Any effort seems to be looked at as an attempt to manipulate the search.


hi, any idea about “Avg. Customer Review” search filter ?? previously it’s rank gigs based on higher ratings but now it’s ranking gigs into some random order…