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Don't use buyer requests to promote your gig! bad idea trust me!


This is what happened to me for doing that.
Some days ago I was blessed with my first order from an Italian. I would never forget how happy and proud I was when he/she told me he/she liked my work. That day I was working hard on his/her translation in my work to deliver the document on time!. I’m not even eat checking it to be perfect for him/her. When I got my $4 I felt amazing and started to jump, laugh and went to tell my mom and siblings about my success.

Sadly I lost my customer, rating and money when my first account was banned for TRYING TO POST MY SERVICES ON BUYER REQUESTS. I learnt the bad way how to follow the rules and be patient. Now that I know how to use buyer requests (I didn’t know I had to delete request to get more on the board) I’m on the right way to become a more experienced translator and responsible on this platform.

I recomend you to be PATIENT and just stay alert on buyer requests to send offers because this is the best way to get your first order so don’t give up and keep going. Bad experiences help you to learn how to behave and act when experiencing certain situations and improve your skills as a seller.

If you want an very good advise, read the experiences and tips posted on this forum, ask other people about strategies and well, be as possitive as you can, it will come trust me! Have a nice day and bye bye ;D

They will ban you for this? Wow, didn’t know that.
I dislike sellers who spam there anyway (It shows that you can ignore some details which bad, REALLY bad in any field or expertise).

Can anyone point where in the ToS such thing is noted about? Or it just falls under spam category?

There’s no point spamming the BR market, only SELLERS see it, you’re basically preaching to the choir and advertising to your direct competitors, it’s a waste of time and just useless spam, period!

So, don’t break the rules?

Got it!

Glad you learned this! Posting in the buyer requests is a bad idea, as you know now and as r3k pointed out.

As for replying and responding to requests, that’s the good part! Glad you figured it out!

Yess… Now i’m trying to restart again but it’s not easy.