Don't Use Fiverr


This site is nothing but a center for unscrupulous individuals to rip off people. Don’t use it.


I’m very proud of my work, my handmade products and treat all my customers as scrupulously as possible. Sweeping generalizations are bad things, friend.

To paraphrase Squidward from Spongebob, “You don’t have to stay here, you know.”




you do know you’re telling potential customers not to buy from you or others. You have nice gigs. This is a forum for Fiverr buyers and sellers. I’m confused why you would put this post up? I have met a few bad buyers from time to time but mostly good experiences.


Interesting that you came here to post this…


I’m not sure if your comment is intended as trollish or as linkbait, George, but I neither rip people off here nor get ripped off in what I offer.


Wow. Even at my angriest moments, I’ve still felt that my overall experience on Fiverr has been very good. I have had some frustrations with the odd quirks in how Fiverr has decided to set up its selling process, and personally believe it’s fairly outrageous that Fiverr takes a cut of postage (from those of us who sell physical items). But not one of my buyers has even hinted that they think I’ve attempted to rip them off or that I’ve been unscrupulous in any way.

So, nope, sorry, I don’t agree with you, not even a little bit. I agree with the Squid.


Reply to @celticmoon: Nice minion gig. I think you have some nice handmade gigs.


You can have bad experience on other freelance sites too. Always set your expectations right and clear them before you order the work from any place. That will bring you good results.

If you don’t put your expectations to the worker that works for you, there will always be contention. No site that offers outsourcing will satisfy your ego if you do same steps to get your work done. :slight_smile: