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Don't waste your request

Use your buyer request offer everyday and it will raise your profile ranking and enjoy your Fiverr.


Fiverr gives you an option Buyers request. Send your 10 offers per day and it will give a chance to buyers for awarding you a project.

Yes that’s correct. BUYER Request is also help to send best offers to the buyers. New sellers also can be try. its a best way to getting new orders if you place good offers in buyers requirement.

I’m using 10/10 on daily basis from a couple of days now!

and? no orders?..

You will get orders if you make your gigs attractive

Sorry, wrong comment to reply!

Nope. I got one order yesterday, made her my Repeat Buyer! :wink:

When you do send out requests, make sure you are as specific as possible. Cutting and pasting won’t provide you with the same results. Be sure to have some links/examples of your work (from sites approved by fiverr) to help yourself stand out. Be mindful that even though the buyer might post for “female” or “$5” budget, some might change their minds if they understand the “added value” that you provide.


I can not use buyer request to promote my gig


Buyer’s request is not for promote your gig. In buyer request section “buyer” post their job because of finding someone suitable for his/her job. And seller only can send offer to the buyer. Thanks… :slight_smile: