Dont Waste your talent anymore, show the world you services


want to show the world what services are you providing on fiverr? want to get as much as orders as possible on your gigs? well you are in a right place right now. this gig is about facebook groups advetisement.

i am basically a member of these groups. whenever i need to advertise something i post it in these groups and it totally work for me to bring any kind of traffic so i thought why not help others. if you want to advertise something or if you want people to see what you want to show them. every group has 10,000 to 50,000 active members in each group and most of the groups are related to fiverr where buyers come to check out everyone’s gigs.
order now


Do you guarantee results? I’m not talking about orders but I’ll probably expect at least 1K impressions based on your claims in your gig.


Yes that’s for sure.


That sounds promising. I don’t need your services currently but I’ll bookmark you for future needs.


sure, no worries :slight_smile:


what here to do friend brother or something


Remove your contact number from your profile or you might get banned.


Zeeshan how old you are? I just visit your gigs and you look 15 to me,is it?


Yeah. :grin:

20 characters.


Aww my guess,:heart_eyes:


I’m 21 and your guess sucks sorry. :joy::joy:


1st you said:

I do believe.
My guess,



i don’t know if it works. I have tried claims such as these but have never got sales through it. Anyways, you try her and let me know.


Hi Izna, i am also going to bookmark your profile for future reference. All the best.


You mind If i talk to your previous buyers?


Hello there,
Im recently working on one order as soon as i deliver him his work i will tell you and then you can contact him about my service :slight_smile:


sure do message me I will be waiting. Save my gig


Thankyou so much i will be waiting :slight_smile:


See Izna I got you a potential buyer. :grinning:


How? ,…