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Don't worry about buyer request

I have got a simple tricks to show buyer request.You can show lots of buyer request using few changes.
BUT it’s not useful for each time. So i think not needed worries about more buyer request.
I can see lots of buyer request but this is not preferable with my jobs.
So I think no buyer and useless more buyer request is equal.
So don’t be upset… and try to find appropriate buyer request by clicking refresh.

Whatever, you can see 1000+ buyer request on your simple profile following easy tricks.
If you need any help you can follow my profile.

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where your tricks? please give it

There aren’t any tricks for seeing more buyer requests. You only see requests which are related to the gigs you’re offering etc. The only way to see more BRs is to get promoted.


Yes… edit your gig category and chose “Other”

When I the only thing I see are old Buyer Requests that have not been removed. I have seen Buyer Requests that I have made offers on and was selected to do the job. However, the request is still posted.

I never apply for jobs that are a day old.