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Don't worry just carry on

It was 9 days I didn’t get any job. Then he(my client ) came to me. Ask me about time,when I will able to delivery.
I confirmed him it’s about 1-2 days. He give me details what exactly he wants,with some samples. I read carefully see attached samples, google about new idea and then start thinking about something new.

Finally I sent him the design and he was very happy. After some revisions finally he accept my delivery and give me a TIP…

So don’t worry and send daily buyer requests.

Tips: Stay active 24/7 in Your windows not just in your mobile app.


At first remove the name from first line. Tips: Are you a robot? It’s not possible a men who is stay online 24/7 days.
Anyway, Congrats!

I’m not a robot,but try my best to stay online 20-24 hours everyday

How it’s possible to stay 24/7 ?? please share details. I am also new seller here. I want to stay 24/7 days like you!!!

Try as much as You could stay in online also with mobile app.

hey nahl9633 please help out or any suggestion because in my profile buyer requests are not showing so whats can i do

1st, Buyer request always not shown. It shows few times.
Refresh Your buyer request page that particular time. Hope you will get.
In Bangladeshi time buyer requests come 11-12:30 ,14-15, 19-20,23-00:30, 2:15-3 .
These particular time buyer request shows from Bangladesh.

Hello there @nahl9633, First, glad you’re doing well. Oh I suggest not to add any names to your thread, it’s agains Fiverr ToS.

Second, why would you stay active all day?? Do you ever sleep?? Yes, to be honest, I’m using this app too, but mostly because of my private life I do outside Fiverr. But honestly, you don’t need to be online 24/7. 12 hours is fine too…besides Fiverr send you a notification when an order is placed. Also, it won’t reflect your rates?? As long you reply to your clients before 24 hours, is fine!!!

Keep up the good work.

Warmly, Humberto

thanks for a great knowledge nahl9633

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