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Don't you hate it when Buyers reject a Delivery when it's not your fault? Please remove this feature

When was this feature added? I hate this feature… it gives the buyer the power to get free gigs and unlimited revisions. All they have to do is keep rejecting the order… On top of that… if they reject it… the system only gives like a day to make the changes… what if I don’t notice the rejection in time… How do I make the changes in time?? So frustrating!!! Please get rid of this feature!


Ya it is frustrating I think they need to tweak it because I have literally had wars with people delivering and rejecting like 5 times in a couple days until they gave up and actually gave me a positive revue they just wanted to squeeze every bit of work they could get before I put my foot down.

Hi, I am a buyer myself. What if the seller delivers fast but you need modifications, which I did, but it’s taking a day or 2 to respond. But when the file is modified, you are not satisfied because it is not what you mentioned in your instructions. Then again it takes an awful time for seller to respond but when the seller delivered again, the instruction was not followed? Since the topic here is “reject delivery” and I hope you all understand on the buyers end. I, in particular, only want the task to be delivered as instructed and hope for the best be delivered fast. I wish not to give negative feedback but what can a buyer do? Thanks for all your help. My reason for being in fiverr is to buy a gig, not to give feedbacks etc. But then it is my right to demand the gig I bought as I want it right? Thanks in advance for your response.

First of all, taking 24 hours to respond is not long at all… even Fiverr support takes 24-48 hours to respond to tickets. You can’t expect us to be waiting by our computers all day…

Obviously if the seller did the order wrong you can let them know. If you reject it, it only gives them a day to revise your order! Which is not enough time for most cases. I’m also talking about the buyers that “milk” the seller. Requesting “free” revisions! I only like revise if it is my fault… For $5 how can I give you unlimited revisions??

I COMPLETELY disagree. I love the reject button. I’d say about a 1/3rd of my projects need tweeking or revision, which I happily provide. When a client “rejects” my project, it put it right at the very top of my to do list. It doesn’t get lost in the “delivered” projects… I don’t have to worry about writing it down, or putting it in my calender. It’s right there is bright red. I actually encourage my buyers to hit “reject” even for tiny little things.


Wow, then I guess you haven’t met one of those really difficult buyers. Once you encounter them you will change your point of view. It’s the ones that are never happy and you can never please, they will keep rejecting until they milk everything from you even for Gig Extras that they haven’t paid for.

If you can keep giving unlimited free revisions then I guess you have a lot of times on your hands. You give free revisions even if it’s not your fault? I don’t think that’s fair for Sellers at all…


Let’s just say the project delivered is not being followed, of course it is natural for buyers to ask for modifications. I understand about the 24-48 hrs before responding but if the project delivered was not what was asked as per instructions and the project is running like 2 weeks already, of course you would want within 24 hours response. The task is as simple as putting the shortened link on the right product. Very basic. Anyway, kiffinyjean, I like your attitude, very positive point of view. I just hope you wont come across buyers who take advantage just like what geekychick is referring to. Well good luck to all! (I just got a response from the seller and promised to deliver today, I hope he meets the deadline that the seller declared). By the way, the seller promised unlimited revisions which is reasonable if he’s not delivering the right project as asked.

Yes of course the Seller has to follow the instructions too. I’m specifically talking about the Buyers that take advantage of this feature and try to milk the Sellers. I’m saying if the Seller delivered everything as promised… and the Buyer still rejects and demands more… That’s ridiculous, unfair and abusing this feature. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has encounter these types of Buyers. Like matt_garry said… he felt like he went to war with a Buyer because the Buyer kept rejecting…

Exactly!!! I just knew about this a few weeks back and this is really frustrating! only if Fiverr is listening to us

the issue is when we deliver an order one day before the due and we go to bed, wake up and see that they rejected our order when we have only a few hours to do amendment, that is really irritating. there should be a time frame for it

Reply to @bachas85: imagine when someone hits the reject button when you just have an hour to the due… I just delivered a work and explained the situation so that they dont hit the reject button, instead message me for the amendment

We sellers need 2 things:

A) change of the word “rejection” to “modification request” or something like that.

B) the ability to pre-set a timeframe which is needed for said modifications. It’s impossible to be online 24/7 just in case we get a rejection and late deliveries can lead to cancelations…

Again fiverr is favoring buyers. :frowning:

Reply to @ezwellness: "My reason for being in fiverr is to buy a gig, not to give feedbacks etc"

Please give feedback on EVERY order. This helps both the seller A LOT and other buyers know whether or not to purchase the gig. If your seller did what you said then he is not a quality seller and you should leave feedback accordingly. I would urge you to give sellers a little more time than you’d hope for because after all most of us are selling services here and only making $4 of the $5 you give us and usually we are selling those same services for way more on our own accord so cutting us some slack in that regard is admirable. Hope this helps :wink:

Reply to @geekychick: Personally I dont play around with buyers like some do. If I get one that keeps rejecting my order and is obviously being devious about it. I start the cancellation and contact customer support. Usually they fix it quickly but often I go to war with them as well. If all else fails , I go waaaaay out of my way and start considering making an entire website named similar to theirs (if they have one) and putting my SEO touch on it to ensure it ranks high up in google searches… The website would of course propose reasons why they shouldnt do business with said company. Fight fire with fire? Yes please… :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree this button should go . There is so much room for buyers to scam and hustle sellers I had a full 100% positive rating until this button reared its head and then was subject to a volley of abuse from buyers who obviously had no intention of paying for their gigs and wanted free gigs . I always ask for the buyer to give me an opportunity to put things right before they rate but this button has made some buyers drunk with power and all they need to do is press and paste . I have taken my gigs down and am having a whole rethink about the fiverr concept . Everything I strive to do is professional guaranteed and labour intensive but I feel sorely exploited on fiverr after this button was introduced . My ratings fell to 99% and it just didn’t feel the same . I feel scammed and hustled . If someone genuinely doesn’t like it after a rerun I offer a refund but how many times would sellers be willing to do that there need to be safeguards in place for vulnerable sellers and bolshy buyers out for a free ride .


I’m reading this thread and wondering if by now everyone doesn’t realize that Fiverr favors buyers over sellers. I come to the forum and read post after post of legitimate complaints (operative word legitimate) from sellers and yet, Fiverr hasn’t nor do I expect any changes to make the playing field even for both sides. For example, give sellers the same reject button. If a seller gets an order that they don’t want to start on for good reason (i.e. buyer not following instructions), seller should be able to reject the order without any penalty

I feel blessed that I have not experience a lot of the nightmares I read here, but I wonder if it isn’t just a matter of time before I too will be victimized by a buyer with no recourse or help from CS. It is kind of scary. I even thought of not reading the forum any more because it frustrates me to see sellers being taken advantage of and nothing is being done about it.

steveeyes said: I feel blessed that I have not experience a lot of the nightmares I read here, but I wonder if it isn't just a matter of time before I too will be victimized by a buyer with no recourse or help from CS.

I had made that same statement when I was first on here.... then bam!! It happened to me

I already requested this button Be changed on another thread and kevin said the request had been forwarded on.

Reply to @markp: yeay !! yes I too made this suggestion when I had to cancel an incomplete order few days back

They really need to get rid of this reject feature! I hate it when buyers reject the order when it is their fault! So frustrating…