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Don't you just hate it when your order has been delivered and the buyer doesn't rate you for days?


I am a new seller on Fiverr, hardly been a week.
I was so happy to get my first gig on the second day itself and

got 5 stars. But after that, the next 2 gigs have yet to be rated and the buyers are taking it really casually.

It’s bad for me since I am a new seller and ratings mean everything to me. Just hope people understand. This is an awesome platform and I’m liking it so far, but damn, ratings are everything here!

You wouldn’t buy from a guy that has just one rating, right? :frowning:

This is what I had in mind.

Thanks for reading through the short rant! :slight_smile:


Not every buyer leaves a review at all so be prepared for that. You could put a prompt in your deliveries, something like, “If you’re satisfied with my work, I appreciate your time in leaving me a review; your feedback is important to me.”


Who told you that buyers don’t buy from people with no or one rating? We all started from zero and are slowly becoming heroes. Some buyers are in too much of a hurry to bother leaving ratings but when they come back you could try prompting them for one. The only thing that makes me hope for a rating is because I won’t have to wait for 3 days for the order to be marked as complete.


I agree mate, but to be very honest, most people always go for people with a lot of reviews/orders completed. Nobody wants to be the “first” person to try out something. That’s the problem. Of course, all of us started from zero (in my case, still at zero :stuck_out_tongue: ) but you need to have that trust and goodwill to proceed :slight_smile:


I did that! And the buyer chose to ignore that. Lol. Guess you’re right. I should be prepared for something like this in the future too.


I just watched your gig video and… damn! you’re a really skinny spiderkid! lol

I can really see your gig taking off in the future…
Good Luck! :thumbsup:


If someone even mentions to me the word “review”, I feel some pressure. The statement they use the word in has everything to do with how MUCH pressure.

If I feel pressured by the seller more than a tiny bit, I do NOT want to leave a review. If the work is excellent, I will leave a review even though I don’t want to, but I am really irritated by the seller even mentioning this to me.

I think maybe 2 or 3 times, I have had severe pressure from sellers. I did not leave a review and I never bought from them again. (If I had left a review, it would have included their work result AND the fact that I was pressured by them to leave a review. I don’t think the review I would have written would have helped them with sales. It was better for them for me to say nothing. )

I recommend NOT mentioning reviews at all. Work hard to give the buyer excellent results. Accept that some will leave reviews and some don’t. Don’t get hung up on it. If the buyer thinks you did great work, they will probably place more orders. Don’t let the issue of reviews get in the way of possible future work.


just move on, plenty of buyers don’t leave ratings. if you are avoiding late deliveries and cancellations, those all have positive effects on your ranking as well.
only about 70% of my buyers leave ratings. i’ve completed nearly 550 orders, but you’d never know it from my profile… just keep doing your thing. the last thing you want to do is force the buyer to leave reviews, they will be less likely to return.


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I speeka no engrish


I think this is reasonable. because the history of the buyers and sellers will continue to be related. Because gig sellers will remain in the circle of buyers as long as they are active in fiverr.


As all the rest said, just find a way to get more customers.

My first gig was around 10 months ago. Zero ratings, zero reviews. Today I have over 1200.

How? Providing great value for the ones who took a chance on me. If they rate, they rate. When you deliver the order, you can say something like: “I hope you’re super happy with it and I look forward to your feedback.”

Do what you can on each gig, providing excellent value for what you charge, and look at what you can do to provide more value with each gig.

You can win gigs other ways: Deliver faster at first, offer a new client bonus. (Or give one without saying you will… I still do that today for most of my new clients.)

Find something you can provide extra that they weren’t expecting, and give that for any order you get.

Then if they don’t rate, move on as fast as you can, get better at your craft. Take more dance classes, or do something else that starts to set you apart from others.

I have no idea if there’s a large market for your gig, but go for it.


Lol thank you! Hahah


You’re absolutely correct. It is just a little difficult in the beginning for new users as myself. It’s just my personal opinion and observation that people tend to prefer people who have more number of ratings and orders. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your tips. I will definitely take them into consideration. That’s awesome! 1,200 orders, you’re great!

And yes, I did provide more than the buyers already asked for, and major UPDATE : I got tipped and also got another 5 star rating! :slight_smile: I’m overjoyed.
But I get what you mean, I won’t get hung up with reviews and concentrate on my work!


Yeah, I feel too weird forcing them to leave a review. I politely ask them if they liked my work and would like to give me feedback so I can improve. This is a major hint for “review” and if they get it, it’s good and if they don’t, well, no problem, I just have to move on, I guess :slight_smile:


Congrats! Take 5 min and pat yourself on the back, then move on to getting better, finding ways to add more value for them. Some buyers won’t use me now because even though I have over a thousand ratings, my queue can be far larger than some, and I’m no longer the cheap provider. (No matter if I have 5 or 15 in my queue, I’m still usually 24 hours or less, but some see my queue and select someone else… )

So there is plenty of room for you to start, because some will select you BECAUSE they know you are working hard to provide more. I’m always looking to improve, and that’s a constant, never ending refinement process.

BUT, I don’t do gigs cheap anymore because I have extensive experience. (I had that before Fiverr, but had to be validated on this platform…) So if we were in the same gig category, providing a similar gig, some buyers will select you because your queue is shorter, because you cost less, or maybe your gig video is stronger than mine (or a combo of factors).

It IS easier to get more gigs when you have more gigs, but starting out you play the game based on what you can provide. Things like fast turnaround, cheap prices, over the top service, etc.

Just don’t stop improving, because being cheap is hard to defend over time. Having a consistent high quality product that continues to get better, is a time tested formula for longer term success.


Thank you so much once again!
Also, it’s great that you know your work’s worth, to charge less for your hard work is really not that good.
Have a great day!


@phantompower & @ravenccs nailed it excellently. OP, just consider every non-rating as bad-rating-passed-over. I’m sure if same buyers had rated and rated you poorly, you would rant hard here. Just note that every Seller “with lots of reviews/completed orders” also went thro same phase as you are now. Relax, be consistent, thorough and professional with your gigs. I had same thoughts on reviews as you have but I have realized that I can do without them. I’ve also realized that Buyers are not always lured by “countless reviews”.


Half of my orders don’t even get reviews sooooo