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Don't you just love it

When a buyer purchases your service, you finish it perfectly, then they tell you they were unsatisfied.

…And then show up 2 months later for another service by you :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to sound like a drama queen, but I never work with buyers who I have had trouble with in the past.

It’s literally my #1 rule. How do you deal with these situations? Do you tell them you cannot work with them? Because this is what I do.

The fact that they come back again is just mind-blowing. That tells you that your service is really worth buying in the end.

Yes, it happens all the time. These type of buyer are always looking to pay as little as possible while expecting million dollar results. When they get what they paid for, they complain. When I get a customer like that I ask them straight up “why do you want to hire me if you were not satisfied with my services before?”

Is all about human being. Some of us are unsatisfied anyway about anything.

The most annoying part I can find is when I work 2-3-4 hours for $5 and then I get a msg he dont like it. Sometimes I really like the project even is for $5 and it get me into it and I do my research and try to do a awesome job. But we need to move ahead and keep doing our good job even it hurts when someone dont like it.

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L.E. Btw, same as you I prefer to don’t work anymore with that kind of people.

When I got my first negative review, a friend of mine said to me it is the cost of doing business. I have had many of buyers who purchase my gig and never grant me access to their data.

When you have someone come back like that is not you, it is them. My thought is that no matter you need to keep delighting the client either way.

I’m also the same.

I just request a cancellation telling the buyer I think they’ll have their needs met better elsewhere.

I don’t really see the point of working with somebody who wasn’t happy with my service, and who didn’t trust my abilities enough to right the situation by asking for a modification.

Some people are just difficult. I don’t get paid nearly enough to deal with those people. :slight_smile:

Kindly pass. Try to do it very quickly after the order is started. “I am not able to provide what you need. I request in my gig description that you message me before ordering so I can review your order to prevent misorders.” Thanks for considering me.

They will act like they own you and they don’t.

It’s very true about buyers sometimes having ridiculous expectations. I’ve recently had a buyer who was repeatedly asking me to do edit over 1000 words for free and his definition of edit of course was completely re-write the whole thing until it met his standard of perfection. Although he was apparently delighted with the work I did do, I suspect the less than perfect review was for the 1000 words I wouldn’t edit for free.

The reverse often happens to me. The buyer will be satisfied and mark as complete, then weeks or months later begin messaging me asking for revisions but without purchasing another gig. Very irritating behavior by some buyers.

Reply to @vainpaper:

Thank goodness reviews are locked after 30 days now, so that buyers can’t keep holding seller to ransom.

This is interesting, as like you, I do readings here. I had a client who had maybe 3 readings, left glowing reviews about how spot on I was or things had occurred etc… then, that 4th reading something did not manifest as I had seen. So, she wrote to me and asked “why”, to which I explained. She left a 1* review, but not scathing remarks, she just said something about how “it” didn’t “work” or come out as predicted this time, and something like, “can’t win them all” or you know… to that effect. Anyways, I replied on the feedback to her with a 5* and told her I was sorry I disappointed her and thought I would never hear back. I mean if I flubbed up a prediction, why bother using me again? Well, a few months later, guess who I have an order from in my queue!? Yep, same person! At first, my knee jerk reaction was to cancel and tell her I didn’t think I was a good fit for her due to my mistake last time, and all my reader friends told me “heck no!” do not take her! LOL But, I bit the bullet and did her reading anyways. I only did this because she had given good feedback before, and I most likely did make a mistake in my prediction (or who knows, maybe she didn’t take the advice and did her own thing? LOL) and I didn’t think she was trying to harm me by ordering again.

Now, if this were a person I had never read for and they just blasted me in the review with harmful remarks as well as the 1*, I might be a bit hesitant to take them on again, but, I would have to see how I felt and talk to them first. I can understand not wanting to read for someone who I didn’t seem too helpful to in the first place, but I would also want to know why I fell short of their expectations. A lot of times with readings, it can be due to people sitting on their hands and being a bench warmer rather than participating in helping the prediction to come about.

So, did you cancel the order in the end or take the chance on reading for this client again?

It is funny too, because the client I read for is a client on EVERY site on the net I am on, and even participates in forums that talk about readers and reviews them!


This kind of behavior from customers is worse here than on the Web in general. Some of it may be the perception we’re desperate noobs who work cheap. And so many descriptions say something like “create your amazing.” Some customers think they’re going to get mind blowing work for 3.92.

Hi mystic_insight,

Great comment! This just happened to me recently. I worked with a customer who was being very hard to deal with and I was so happy when the gig ended. Then they came back 3 days later and first asked for one thing. I said I don’t specialize in that and they automatically said, “ok, let’s just do this then”. This was of course after they had paid.

I didn’t want to but the only thing I could say was, “I’m sorry but I do not operate this way and this just isn’t working out. I think it would be best for you to find another copywriter to work with on here. Thank you”.

Then we mutually cancelled. In my opinion some people think that this is just a place to get any and everything as cheap as possible. I take my fiverr very seriously and I don’t have time to work with customers who try to take advantage of that.

So I agree that sometimes you have to just tell them, “it isn’t working out”.


Creative Word

I haven’t had that happen to me yet, and I hope it never does. I feel bad for all sellers who experience this kind of thing, it’s just not right, but that’s what happens when you’re in customer service.

Reply to @creativeword:

HAH! I have had those that paid then tried to get me to do stuff… it turns to a mutual cancellation… sadly… Unless I can manage to get it done the best I can at least… or hire out to another fiverrite.

Reply to @steveeyes: Naw I wouldn’t want to brush them in a negative way, I just say something along the lines of “I see you had purchased a service from me before and were not completely satisfied. I wish you the best in finding another Psychic” etc. etc.

Reply to @genuineguidance:

See for me, I never really get negative reviews or people being unsatisfied.

If they WERE unsatisfied, I don’t work with them anymore. Either they don’t know what to expect in a Psychic reading, or maybe we did not connect well (which is very rare for me.)

As a side note, I recently had a customer whom I enjoyed working with very much in the past - always left 5-stars and had always been very kind. However they messaged me something very hurtful recently and even then I decided not to work with them anymore.

I’ve always been a kind and straightforward person, but sometimes you just have to let certain customers go. I don’t want to give off the impression to people saying “hey I’ve been here for a year, I have a million orders in queue and have big orders left and right so eff off” but at the same time I just feel like you have to be careful about who you work with, you know? Sometimes you are in luck and the customer who was unsatisfied before is happy now but why risk it?

So yes, I did cancel it. No matter how many times a user comes back to apologize for their previous actions or words, I politely turn them down. It’s just not worth the stress.

And that’s funny haha, you have yourself a stalker :smiley: xx

Reply to @creativeword: This is my point! Better to be safe than sorry!