Don't you love waking up to this?


Don’t you love waking up to this?


Go to customer support!


I’m not sure that is allowed. I would show it to customer support.
It’s blackmail.

I think whenever this happens, customer support should ban the buyer and complete the order for you.

That is unbelievably horrible.


I did, i sent a ticket before he sent that message cause he was suspicious and then he sent that last message which was a good value hopefully Fiverr support team take some action.


He wants it free obviously and planned it from the beginning.

Just out of curiosity was it a $5 order?


I know, the feeling when you press the delivery button is unique but waiting for the feedback or revisions from this type of buyer is huge level of stress


No, this time it’s a 55$


Send a new ticket with the copy of this message.

Fiverr does not accept threats from sellers or buyers.
Ask them if they can complete the order for you.


You have my sympathy.


That’s terrible :(. Let us know how goes.


I will :slight_smile:


Could you please write the result here? Thanks.


Great, they gave you a screenshot as evidence. Kick their dumb ass all the way to CS and back.


As some of you requested a follow up on the ticket, idk if I’m allowed to share messages between me and the support team, if not a mod can take action an delete the screenshot so I can write a conclusion about their response.

The screenshot


Usually when they say that it means they are going to go after the bad guy, and you will know if he is banned. Or he may get a warning. They won’t let it go without some kind of punishment so watch his profile to see if he gets banned soon.

In the meantime I would stop communicating him although that is your decision to make on how to handle it with him from here. Personally I would never talk to anyone who threatened me that way.


Happy to hear that, I did actually send him a message again after the support suggested that and told him that a refund isn’t the solution and offered him again revisions in audio and video if needed to get his desired delivery perfect (even tho I know if he accepts he will leave a negative feedback).

but this will probably be the last message between me and him.


That’s good that you did that since if nothing else it shows you are going out of your way to appease this lowlife buyer.


Have faith…something similar happened to me recently and CS was great and completed the order for me after I let them know what happened and my willingness to do right by my buyer despite some pretty despotic behavior.

Mama said there’d be days like these. There’d be days like these, mama said.


I’m glad to hear that this worked out! Talk about unacceptable…


Its terrible and I have faced this same situation many times.

By the way, what did you do after the CS reply?