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Dont you think fiver should upgrade this levels to be more fair and wide?


Can it be that after 4 years working on fiverr, me and so many other sellers still keep only LEVEL 2 seller budge? As a new buyer that made some sales.
Dont you think fiver should upgrade this levels to be more fair and wide?
it would be great to have lets say a level 3…before top seller…

we made a very good income entry to fiverr this years to not being taken seriously.


That’s a good idea. I recommend level 3 have at least 1000 reviews and any other criteria 5r deems necessary.


I completely agree with this.
They should create new levels but if they don’ want the buyers to be more selective, the least they should do is launch some achievement badges which will help the sellers keep motivated.
Badges for a number of reviews and sales.


I’d like to see more levels added. I would be all for at least two more levels that are based on specific criteria. They could be numbered or named. The current level 1 is pretty easy to get and I think it should be. Level 2 can be a big jump for some people due to the 60 day issue, but I think it’s fair.

I would love to see a level 3 and 4 (or some named) levels before TRS, but ones where you have to meet a certain list of criteria. Perhaps the same average rating as for level 2 (or maybe slightly elevated but not much) and a time requirement that is specific but not quite as intense as the one for level 2. Perhaps 350 sales within 6 months for level 3 (harder than 2 in terms of the leap in # of sales but not so time intensive that a part-timer can’t get there.)

Then perhaps for level 4, more of a full-time commitment but without the leadership qualifications of TRS. Perhaps 6 months account age minimum, 1000 sales minimum overall, a very low cancellation rate, and at least 500 of the sales have to have been earned in the 12 months. I wouldn’t want to see a level based on reviews because of Fiverr’s changes in the feedback system. I’d want to see it based on sales alone. An additional shiny badge for review numbers might be cool, but the level itself shouldn’t be dependent on displayed reviews.

Note - this isn’t any well thought-out plan that I have pondered so I’m sure it has flaws. I just made this up on the fly as a thought about what I’d love to see. Goals are important and TRS is such an ambiguous goal that I don’t even think about it.


thanks for the replay. But personally i think amount of money you have income is more important then amount of review. do your math…


totally agree, but still i think all is based on amount of income you generate, not only sales. one sale can 600$ for sample…


Yes! This is totally a great idea. Also, guys, does anyone experienced problems with the number of buyers after recent updates of meta tags and algorithms?



Thank you for the reply. Hope this will get back ASAP. Cause we really have no requests at all :frowning:


your test are making our years in fiverr seem like a waist. So sorry to tell you this, but I have contribute for sample as Spanish translation project of fiverr. Know days no Spanish at all. All dead.
Then you have continue doing tests until I barely get 3 messages per months. Not to speak about selling.
Used to have about 60 clients per months asking for something.
So to whom this testes are run for? …Wall street?

If I need to promote myself so much, what fiverr does this days?..I guess owners have changed…and wall street have eat it
I need to promote my clients to see my fiver competition? what is the logic here?


Nothing to do with me - I only posted the link to the discussion! :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with you and Fiveer should thinking more modern and dont give TRS badges after how many reviews a seller has or not. Many buyers dont rate. I have 70 unrated gigs fo a sample.


TRS badge has nothing to do with number of reviews.


Yes you right but the reviews affect your badge in the end. You need many 5 stars reviews…


This is a nice suggestion but I don’t think we need any new levels for now, cause nowadays Levels are not easy to keep up as before. We need to keep doing hard work to keep our levels :stuck_out_tongue: . I suggest adding more badge s like pro/featured. Some more badge that some mid-level skilled sellers also could achieve.


You definitly right. More levels its among to heavy to reach for many sellers. All of us is not sellers at 24/7


Yeah the way you phrased that reply made it seem as if the TRS badge was handed out based on reviews.


ahh I see but that was not my meaning


I agree with you that the leveling system is a bit wonky, but I understand it’s necessity and how it helps keep up quality across the fiverr platform.


I have more than 300 :smiley: