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Don't you think Fiverr Customer Support Is Better Than Before From last month?


Most of the time I was angry with the customer team before… Most of the time some people were replying to a different thing or they replied without reading it properly… Never thought about the seller… Just about the buyer…

But from last month I truly felt a difference… The site is getting more responsible …It’s like a genuine market place now… Truly felt like a new beginning… Is Fiverr running by the same team now?? Or are they sold it to someone else??


Yet there where forum posts from buyers who told that customer support never helped them, never thought about the buyer but only about the sellers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding your title question: I haven’t noticed any difference compared to last month, but I did notice quite a difference compared to previous years. Here are my personal observations while dealing with CS:

  1. in the beginning when there were not many sellers, CS was a small team and were responding to requests without using canned responses;

  2. over the years though, the marketplace began to grow like crazy, so I’ve started seeing new faces in the CS team, but at the same time I started seeing a lot more canned responses :confused:

  3. the last year I’ve seen pretty much the same team, but for some reason they’ve started moving away from canned responses as much as possible, providing more helpful / personalized responses :slight_smile:

So is CS better than last month? I don’t know as it’s too short of a time span to compare against. But is it better than previous years? Oh yeah!

P.S. and as far as I know, Fiverr hasn’t been sold to anyone and still has the same CEO, and many of the old CS members, too :wink:


Does anyone hate to feel like they are an annoyance when they have a bug on the site they are asking for help with?
CS handles these questions of mine well but still I don’t like to feel like I’m being a burden. But I know I am.


yes i heard this before that customer support were more towards buyers and not for sellers dont know whats condition now


He he :slight_smile: Thank you very much for replying to my post :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for replying to my post :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for replying to my post :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


welcome :slight_smile:


Think of it this way: we can be are indeed a burden/pain for CS when things go awry, but we’re a necessary pain :grin:

I bet nobody likes to feel pain - but just like a body needs to feel pain to know when something is off or isn’t right, as well as how much of a problem it is, Fiverr itself is a digital organism that needs the pain (that we can be) in order to realize there’s something wrong and how bad it is.

If there are just a few reports, it’s a temporary pain, no biggie, it usually solves by itself. If there are multiple repeated or prolonged reports that become a burden to deal with, then it’s bad, like all-hands-on-deck bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Being a burden/pain in such scenarios is what makes Fiverr going :eyes: It gets the people going :smiley:

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a post to make people annoy/spam CS with tickets. To anyone reading this, please do not harass CS with constant tickets. Don’t be a pain where there should be no constant pain :eyes:


just found this article now whats your thought about fiverr this is totally wrong happening here punishing sellers for buyers fraud


i mean really ? negative balance ? this is not a fair