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Don't you think, Fiverr loosing sellers due to level decrease strategy?


I was a level 2 seller but due to hactic routine i was unfortunate to be active on fiverr, in three months my account decreased to level 1 then newbie. do you think it is fair?

I’m an experienced guy but fiverr not considering my portfolio and keep on dragging down me and my kind of other experts. My clients known me through my level 2 but now there is no batch no more than 7 gigs active, not inspiring strategy by fiverr,

What do you think?


I totally agree with you. I already state my point of view with fiverr, but they seems to want to keep it. When the $$ start to decline on their side, they’ll think otherwise, so it will be a matter of time.


Did you put all your gigs on vacation? Or did you get orders and ignored them? It would be unfair if it was for vacation.

Personally, I don’t like the new level system, but we’re stuck with it for the time being. Sellers who do Fiverr for fun might end up quitting the platform, or they’ll be taking it less seriously.

Everyone else will be doing whatever they can to keep their level.

Fiverr’s new level system has not made my life better, doesn’t make me more money, and has no benefit as far as I can tell.

I’ve yet to hear a happy story about the level system.


The level system was due to sellers not delivering on time, or cancelling too much, or not answering messages promptly. It is a shame that it was needed. The whole reason for the levels system is to try to force sellers to do what they should be doing.

From fiverr’s point of view, they are bringing us paying customers and we are doing things that make those customers end up with a cancelled sale, or no response to questions, so they become discouraged.

How would you feel if you GAVE someone a dozen customers ready to buy what you are selling every week, and they didn’t even respond to them, or somehow ended up cancelling their sale?


i grab a lot from your words, i just wish all the upgrading by fiverr favor us as it can not favor all sellers.


Just curious…What is the true advantage of being a Top Rated Seller? Just curios if getting downgraded means anything. If you have a product that customers want they will come to you no? I mean, other than being able to have a lot of gigs and getting your money in 7 days vs. 14. Would love to hear more from you guys


It probably is a boost to a seller’s income.


It favors those sellers who work extra hard at meeting all the requirements. That is what fiverr wants it to do.


Fiverr really want full time sellers not half time sellers which will not available to respond buyers messages.


The way top rated sellers work hard to keep that level, and level two sellers work hard to stay there, is how ALL sellers should work. That is the whole point of the levels.

Some sellers have never had to worry or think about those requirements, even before the levels system started, because they know what to do and how to work hard.

If you want to have a level two then figure out what you need to do to meet the requirements.


Yes, this is perfectly fair. If you’re not active on Fiverr, you’re not making any money for Fiverr, therefore, they’re not going to list inactive sellers in their search results.


Business is not about fair. It is about showing up, working hard and realizing that there are a bunch of people who will do great work for sellers. If you don’t, you get kicked to the curb. Period.

Fairness is for kindergarten children when they divide up the cookies. Business is tough. It is competitive. It is not fair.


as a seller since 2013, i agree too. fiverr is fiverr because of us fiverrs.


fiverr levels has some flaws sure, like the spam messages etc but, its the only way to keep seller professional and take their jib seriously, before the level system levels didn’t mean anything special and now you need to do exelemt work have low cancelation respond to client and give them good feedback to up your level.


agree. but if someone struggles to keep the levels afloat, their focus on work and creativity drops without even knowing,


I think the idea of the leveling system is just fine. Now it is much harder for people to cheat their way to Level 2 and encourages sellers to not do this:


I think the level system is fine. If you want to keep your level up you have to work hard.:muscle:


I was a Level 2 seller when fiver introduced this new system and still a Level 2 seller and not demoted yet.
Work hard and manage each and every part.


I assume most people would get discouraged if they lost a level, so some can definitely quit because of it. But some would only get encouraged, to try better. Sadly it’s usually not the seller’s fault, so I wouldn’t blame if one wants to boycott Fiverr after losing levels, if that is the case. Thankfully changes should be coming hopefully sooner than later to how cancellations, for example, affect level eligibility. I believe total minimum rating should also be 4.7 and not 4.8, as there’s no way to get 4.8 star reviews, but 4.7 is quite common, yet still almost perfect.


Fiverr Basically want more jobs to be done in short period of time.

If we (sellers) are not responding on time or delivery is not on time or cancelling. it is like wasting time of buyer and thus loosing revenue.

But the bad thing is only the GIG with higher sales are displayed of the first page, with some without a level but more sales