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Don't you think that 14 day waiting time is too much?


Actually, I don’t even understand why we need to wait those 14 days… Especially when customer can still recharge even after 25 days… Fiverr is losing its customers, because many freelancers are leaving it, because they need to wait unnecessary 14 days + 2-4 days if they want to withdraw it to their banks. Thats very frustrating… Don’t you agree?


Paypal chargebacks can happen after 180 days

In the ‘outside of Fiverr’ world, it’s not uncommon to be paid at the end of every month - a month behind.

14 days isn’t so bad! :slightly_smiling_face:


If people are really leaving over a short wait period, that’s less competition on an overpacked site. Awesome! :wink:


If they can’t stand to wait, this is not the right place for them. They do not have the needed patience. So it’s nature’s way.


I don’t agree. 14 days is more than fair. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. All sellers have to work hard to earn a living here, and it is completely within Fiverr’s rights to hold on to all profit for 14 days. If sellers don’t like this, they are welcome to go find work somewhere else.

All sellers – including you – agreed to Fiverr’s Terms of Service when they/you signed up for this site. The 14 days is part of Fiverr’s TOS. It is, therefore, pointless and inappropriate for anyone to complain about the very terms and rules they themselves agreed to.


(14) days is a piece of :cake:! Waiting on royalty checks/deposits takes a month or more.

I ain’t complaining! :sunglasses:


A ton of real world jobs work the same way. I just got a part-time retail job where I get paid every two weeks. My husband works in academia. He’s salaried and he gets paid twice a month too.

That’s really the way it works almost everywhere.


If you have a ‘normal’ job you will get your salary by the end of the month.

If you have to send invoices yourself, most companies will not agree on a payment term of 2 weeks (or less).

Where did you get the information that a lot of freelancers are leaving Fiverr because of this particular reason?

Just see it like this: if you work every week on a steady amount of orders, then after 2 weeks you won’t notice this ‘payment term’ anymore because you will have money being cleared on at least a weekly basis.


Can somebody say why do you even need to wait those 14 days? Or its just for fun ?


It’s a safety clearance period. Says so in the TOS that you read when you registered.

Revenues are only made available for withdrawal from the Revenue page following a safety clearance period of 14 days after the order is marked as complete. Top Rated Sellers and Pro Sellers are eligible to withdraw revenue following a safety clearance period of 7 days after the order is marked as complete.


@somaginer1996 gave you the ToS reason, which is perfectly fair.

You also have these alternatives personally:

You can leave Fiverr as you mentioned, and not earn any Fiverr money in 100 years.
You can stay on Fiverr but turn down all jobs and then there is no money to wait for.
You could work at earning money and think of the 14 days like having a birthday party EVERY TWO WEEKS! :balloon::cake::man_dancing:

Personally, I’d pick the birthday one even over the Terms of Service reason. Birthdays just sound more fun than safety. Up to you, though.


Do you have secret statistics about freelancers?

If these freelancers create their own business outside fiverr, they will discover that many clients pay 30 days or even 60 days after the delivery. And sometines they never pay the last payment when the amount of the order is split into different payments (It happens so frequently…).
These freelances will regret Fiverr 14 day period and security!


I don’t mind waiting 14 days for the funds to clear but I wish that they would make it such that, if a buyer leaves a review for an order delivered then the clearance time should maybe reduce to 7 days.


I work on one freelance site where they only pay out once a month! and it is based on a calendar month, so if you get orders in the last week of the month that don’t clear by the end of the month (as they have to wait 7 days to clear before going to the payment queue) you’ll wait until the 7th of the NEXT month… so I think fiverr is quite fine in comparison to that :slight_smile:


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I hope I’m not sounding rude by saying this, this whole “why do I need to wait for 14 days” topic appears in the forum every now and then, but am I the only person who just cannot understand why it is a problem? Is 14 days really that long??
As far as I know, in many jobs you get paid once at the end of the month, so for me,
getting paid in 2 weeks is lightning fast. I’m a TRS so I get my payment in one week, but that’s ultra-sonic-beyond-the-world-fast.
I also have another job ( my main job to be exact) and for that I get paid once a month, so when I first started Fiverr my reaction was hey, I get my money in 2 weeks, yipeeee :heart_eyes:

Just thinking out loud here…


I don’t even keep an eye on the payment clearance. When it clears, I see the money.
After the job is done I go on with the next thing.
My private clients pay beforehand or the day after delivery. If there is a delay, I still don’t bother. Never had to worry.

Some people are wired in a way to look for things to be concerned about. Especially if they have nothing else to do.


The 14 days period is fair. In fact, I can say it is pretty standard for many ‘real world’ jobs outside fiverr.
I work in a university and my salary is paid on 15th each month - it is even 1 day longer than the 14 days period of fiverr. For side job on fiverr, the 14 days period is good enough.