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Don't you think that buyers reviews should show on their page?


I think it would be excellent if buyer’s reviews were also on their own personal page. It would work much better because sellers would be able to know the experiences with previous sellers and the platform would be fairer for both sides. At present, buyers reviews are only showing on the seller’s page. Maybe I am wrong and there is a way to it but every time I click on their profile it is very poor and incomplete, something that doesn’t happen on other platforms. Sellers, don’t you think the same? it seems that we are the only ones that care about our feedback.


Would you like to be given a star rating every time you bought a tin of baked beans from the supermarket? :wink:


LOLz, maybe not stars but extra rewards, coupons or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


(Tesco) Fiverr Clubcard! :rofl:


Flatlined_______________________. :sleeping: :rofl:

The refer a friend is kinda iffy, so I don’t know if the Tesco card will work. :joy:


This has been requested before many times over the years which means fiverr has no intention of implementing such a system. There wasn’t really a need for a such a system when they first started as the jobs were just for a fiverr. Even though it would be nice to have there are too many openings for it to be abused.

It sounds nice in all but it’s best if nothing more is added to the platform as there are other features that need debugging.

@nikavoice and @offlinehelpers: Please don’t give them any ideas. I don’t think I can take another new and improve addition.


While it would be nice for sellers to see buyer reviews, it wouldn’t make sense as far as encouraging people to buy on fiverr. Some might not like seeing themselves rated whenever they make a purchase.


I agree, but Airbnb for example does it and it works much better!


Reviews of buyers and sellers are visible on eBay and it works.


Ebay is different from this site. The layout, the buying experience, lends itself more to those reviews. It’s also a separate site for each country. Just totally different.


The disadvantage is eBay Sellers cannot leave negative or neutral feedback for Buyers. :grimacing:


I would really like to see buyers reviews.

Tripadvisor display reviews of clients on their profile.
It’s useful for restaurant/hotel owners because when they have a bad review they can check if the bad review comes from a client who is always unsatisfied wherever he goes or from someone who share rational reviews (bad and good) or someone who eats to the restaurant 4 days a week. It’s useful to know these details in order to improve yourself.

I have had one bad review from one of my client and then saw (thanks to google search!) that she had put bad reviews to other sellers for the same reason (keywords in her listing products). If I had seen these reviews before my delivery I would have asked her what was the problem with other sellers. And I would have understood that she is the one who didn’t know how keywords work. And I would have had the possibility to explain her how it works, why and what I will deliver. I would have avoid bad review, discussion, revisions…


Your dream comes true!
Carrefour (some of you may know this channel because they have more than 1500 supermarkets in South America, Asia, Europe, Middle East) have launched a program “give your opinion and the product is free” in France.
We must register on internet, we receive a code to get the product for free in the shop and then we leave the review :slight_smile:


Oh, it’s quite a while that I used eBay.


Oh, that’s coolio, I’ve never heard of Carrefour before. Now, I’ll be on the lookout for this supermarket chain whenever I visit those countries. Here in the :us: most stores provide a survey on the receipt to win moola :moneybag:, a free dinner, coffee, :car: oil change or something it depends on the store. :smiley:

Maybe that’s a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue: