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Don't you think that is unfair that Fiverr get % from the TIPs

Hi there as a Ceo of abzzzMedia i would like to open a topic about the tips,i feel very angry every time when we get a tip from our precious costumers and Fiverr get % from them isn’t that ridiculous you do the whole job and your costumer give you a tip than Fiverr get a % from that , not that they get from every orders 20%.

I visited almost the whole world and learn that the tips can not be share, tip should take that one that has satisfied customer with the work and I’m pretty sure that the man who gives tip will be back again for more ,don’t you guys think that the Fiverr would have an interest in.

So by me

Please distribute your experience lets ask for our rights

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No, it’s fair. Without fiverr there would be no tips. The only reason you get tips is because you are able to use this website.


No no look they get alredy 20% isn’t that a thanks from us to them also… they have interesed from us so do we.

Maybe you for you that you are a TRS is nothing to get a 20% from you tip because you have to much orders and you do not notice that but for us is very very it is very serious

I asked them for this and they answered me that this happend to prevent abuse and fraud, why they don’t tell us what are those frauds , they can create a tool that can verified the tips and then to move on to the user account ??


If it wasn’t like this then people would abuse it.
Sellers would ask buyers to pay for a $5 gig and then the rest in a tip. That would lead to buyers not paying and then lots of crap from sellers who tried to scam Fiverr only to be scammed themselves.
There is already enough issues around payments, cancellations and the rest, it doesn’t need any more complications.

I don’t see anything wrong with Fiverr keeping 20% of all sales and tips that we make. This is their site after all. Their site, their rules. And if we wish to use their site to maintain our businesses, we are required to follow their rules. If someone doesn’t like Fiverr’s rules, they can easily take their business elsewhere.

Consider this too, if Fiverr allowed users to keep 100% of all tips, that opens the door for unscrupulous sellers to use the tips feature to try and get around the standard 20% that Fiverr keeps. Such users could easily find ways to “make up” that “lost” 20% by trying to use the tips feature as a revenue source. Fiverr takes 20% of tips to keep this from happening.

You get to keep 80% of everything that you earn (or are tipped) here on Fiverr. Don’t complain about it. Be happy that you get to keep this 80%. There are many freelance sites that don’t let you keep anywhere close to that – I know, because I work with some of them.

If you don’t like paying fees just offer your services elsewhere or put your prices up.

Great minds… Right Jon?

Maybe you are right here…


I agree with the others saying it’s fair enough and no, it’s not just because I’m a forum admin. When I first found out about it, I didn’t care for it either. If they didn’t prevent abuse, though, they could just take tips away. If Fiverr didn’t make money, they wouldn’t have money to promote the site and hire people to improve this young platform and develop code to give us the tip feature. So, no, I don’t think it’s unfair either way.

It would appear so. :wink:

Listen, at thumbtack you have to PAY to buy credits so you can bid on projects. Sure, thumbtack doesn’t take 20%, but if all your bids are rejected you make $0 and they’re not going to pay you back.

My point is that Fiverr is doing you a favor, they’re making money when you make money, no before.

A tip isn’t just yours alone. Just like your gig video must say “Available Exclusively On Fiverr,” those tips have to be shared. You are working with Fiverr after all, they have bills to pay just like you.

A tip is the greatest thing in the world, it’s money without extra work, money your clients don’t have to give you but they do as a celebration of your work. Yet instead of appreciating getting 80%, you are angry over 20%.

Fiverr works fine, they’re attracting a ton of buyers, if you want to keep 100%, go start your own website, good luck with that.

Hi there

How about this. Buyer order $5 gig. And tip you $100. And from $105 order fiverr would get only $1. And people would use all the time like that. That’s why they are taking 20% from tip.

Also like misscrystal said, without Fiverr there wouldnt be any tips.

I concur with everyone else. It’s free money, and even with 20% off, it’s still free money. I don’t know anyone who gets upset by free money. Not even hardened communists. It’s free money!

Oh, and why did no-one pick up on this: “as a Ceo”?

A CEO is ANGRY about LOUSY TIPS! lol.

I can guarantee you that people would do it, or try to. All sales involve some risk anyway

Good for you. A wise perspective. Nonetheless, there are still “sellers” here on Fiverr would would try that. And it is because of those people that Fiverr takes 20% of every tip.

I love when people introduce themselves as a CEO, it means that whatever they say next is definitely important and worth reading.

(Apply sarcasm font as required)

Interestingly, a CEO is an officer position in an organized company that usually has a board of administrators, corporate offices, that sort of thing. It is a “corporate rank” in a company, so to speak. Our OP is a freelancer from Albania. Calling himself a CEO looks good in writing, but it’s not an actual position when you are a self-employed non-organized business entity…

Also of interesting note is that a large majority of the OP’s gigs are breaking intellectual copyright laws. :wink:

cor blimey luv, you could blow me dahn wiv a fevva!

Case closed!

No, because Fiverr has worked for that tip as you did. Worked in terms getting buyers to your gig page, marketing costs and maintaining this almost perfect ecosystem we all work in. Not to mention all of the possible frauds other users have already mentioned.