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Don't you think the completion rate is unfair?

Hey fiverrs,
I can’t figure out how the system behind the completion rate works, Like If it was 95% and I cancelled an order it would drop to 90% and the day after Till it reached 85% after three days. But when I complete 2 orders it would go up by just 2%. Why?!
Shouldn’t it be like when I cancel an order and then complete one. It would go back to where it was ?


This is a case of simple mathematical averages over the course of 60 days.

No, because then the completion rating would be useless. When you cancel any order, you aren’t completing that order. Therefore, it negatively impacts your 60-day completion rating… because you received that active order, but did not complete it.


This may be helpful to you: Losing & Regaining Points - Order Completion Rate (OCR)


If the completed orders going out of the 60 days range is more than the orders coming in, that is what you’ll experience.

I don’t think the completion rate is fare. I recently completed an order on time but the seller was not happy with what I delivered. Instead of asking me to revise it he immediately sent it to dispute resolution asking to cancel the gig.
So, even though it was completed and delivered my completion rate has dropped from 97% to 67% with a level review in three days. I have a five star rating and 244 completed gig with only two customers whoever requested a cancellation or weren’t happy with what I delivered.

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On Fiverr, this becomes a non-problem once you start getting enough traction. Fiverr sellers experience high order rates. If your completion rate drops 5% when not completing an order it means that you’ve only done a total of 20 orders in the last 60 days or about 10 orders in the last 30 days. I’m not saying this is a bad number by any means, but I have about 200 orders completed with just 3 cancelled due to the buyer not understanding what I offer.

It really is a non-problem if you think about it in the grand scheme of things. Once you get to Level 2 and you start gaining traction with the orders, the completion rate is probably the stat that’s easiest to keep on track. The hardest one to keep on track for me personally is the on-time delivery as I believe it is with most people who might need a bit more time to complete projects. This can be easily solved with delivery extensions though.


This looks like what happened to me… After I delivered, the buyer requests for a revision and no matter what I changed they weren’t satisfied, it furstrated me coz they didn’t even know what they want anymore then I had to cancel to get rid of this annoyance.
And had a second order, that paid for the wrong package then cancelled…
And now I’ll get a demotion because of them.

Getting to level 2 seems so far away :joy:. Maybe someday I wouldn’t worry about the completion rate. Thank you anyways!

We shouldn’t have to worry about buyers mistakes… :expressionless: Why did Fiverr make it like this though?

Personally, I think the buyers have too much protection and the sellers not enough. What is there to stop the buyer accepting our completed work and saying it is not suitable so they do not have to pay, but keeping and using our work?
I am currently Level 2 but won’t be after tomorrow’s review due to one uncooperative buyer. Good luck to you Dalia.

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Good luck to you too!

You’ll get there! Just give it some time. All the best.