Doodle in trending now


As we know illustration are important part in marketing nowadays. And doodle drawing was a good start for new seller to provide a illustration service based on their sroke/style/concept. what your opinion?


Yeah, doodling in engaging yet interesting to do i do it all the time while i have a pen and paper in hand. For me it’s a small illustrative piece of art to describe my idea or to just draw something i saw.
By the way i am a beginner in drawing learning but still wink:


Since this category is about all things Fiverr, a lot of readers are not illustration experts. I’m not. To me, doodle drawing sounds like something that one does for fun, not for professional use. (I realize there might be some professional description, I’m just speaking as a forum reader.) I personally wouldn’t think to purchase a gig that was about doodling, I think I would be looking for gigs with full illustrations. Of course, if you saw something that I “doodled” you would know why I wouldn’t think of doodles as something to sell. :slight_smile:


keep on doodling… many way to learn now.


i agree some with you. even they called it doodle but when it draw with full detail and planning, it not a doodle anymore.