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Doodling at the office

So I got an order for my logo gig last night.
Right now I’m at my office in the middle of a lunch break.
Since I finished my lunch pretty quickly I decided to use this small free time and doodle out some ideas for my buyer’s logo. My coworker saw me do it and said

“Hey, that’s cool. Can you draw something like that for me too?”

Sure. Just create an account and place an order. :wink:

It’s funny (OK, not really funny) how people simply expect friends/coworkers to do work for free.
I get it, from their POV they can’t believe you will take money from your friends.
Usually I tell them this: “You’re willing to make a friend work for free?”

It gets the point across.


Well, there two types of people.

There are the types that don’t understand about the time involved. They don’t get - just because you enjoy it or are good at it, doesn’t mean that you want to give it away.

Then there are the type who are just cheap and want it for free.

One thing I noticed about the people I work with are that the more I give, the more they expect and less appreciative they are to get it. It’s hard to change who you are but I’m working hard not to give away or buy things for the office like I used to. The fact I have a new job helps, no one knows me so there are no expectations. :slight_smile:


Veeeeery true. Another thing is that in a lot of cases, I can finish a drawing in a few minutes, and some people can’t understand how I can charge people if it takes only 10 minutes. When I say stuff like “It’s because it took me 10 years to get to the point where it takes only 10 minutes, you’re paying for the skill, not the time” they get it…still I do get that not-so-pleasant look from them at times. On the other hand I do get plenty of people who are very appreciative, I’m grateful for that. :relaxed:


I charge everybody, from my closest relatives to my friends. That’s the part of the business. I’ve never had a real job, I don’t know what would colleagues say, but I would definitely tell them to hire me through a freelancing platform. It happened once when I was an intern, one of the people at the company asked me for a free work, so I did the crappiest graphic possible, and they never asked me again. :slight_smile:

Edit: I didn’t care because I was there for just a few weeks, but for people that have everyday job, it’s bad to f them off like I did.


When you start giving things for free to - anybody, actually - they will keep asking for more. It will come to a point where you get fed up!

I think using your talent to give something as a gift - such as a birthday or Christmas - may be acceptable, but otherwise, charge!!


Definitely, we aren’t charity workers. Also, I hate people paying $10 and wanting full custom banners without stock images, only with original photographs that I am going to take for them, that would have diversity and they hate free fonts, so only premium fonts, and if possible to draw a couple of original icons so they can use. But that’s a different subject.


yeah, back when I was a student, so many of my friends asked for my help for their English homework which I can understand why…but at one point it became too much and I had to stop.
I learned the hard way. Same thing with drawing.
Now I charge them no matter what.Many of them expect a “friend discount” but I rarely give them one…


I´m perfectly fine helping out friends, neighbours, co-workers just like that, when it´s me who decides I want to help; if they ask for help without offering anything in return, unless it´s really small stuff you´d do for any casual acquaintance, co-worker or neighbour usually and know they´d do for you or another co-worker or neighbour who needs it too, that´s something I don´t quite get because I´d not do it myself.

With real friends again, it´s different, that depends, on circumstances and on what it is that they need help with. Feed their cat while they are in hospital? Sure. Translate their novel that they have been writing during their well-paid civil servant job working hours? Sure, here´s my prices and my PayPal. :wink:

Generally, I don´t like to ask for favours myself so I rarely if ever do, and I don´t like being asked for favours either. Offering to do something myself, is different. But why people expect favours like in your office example, I can´t really understand.

Though I´ll say it´s probably not-thinking-about-it in most cases and just an idle spontaneous ‘Oh nice I´d like that’ thought become small-talk versus trying to make people do stuff for them for free consciously. I hope. :wink:


I totally agree about giving things for free. Once you start, the expectation grows and grows, and the appreciation shrinks and shrinks.

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That’s the best thing ever. I also, never ask for big favors as I don’t want to owe things. It’s complicated. I have some strange principles that I try to follow. Also, I don’t allow people to buy me a drink. It might be offensive to someone, but that’s just me.

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I guess it’s usually pretty clear when someone says something like “that’s nice, I want one too” as just a small talk, but once the person starts getting into the details of the image they want…uh-oh!

I have drawn images for free at the office when a coworker approached me saying stuff like “so-and-so is quitting the office this month and we are going to write a card for him/her, can you draw something cute in the corner?” and for stuff like that, I do it for free, and I have no problems at all.

I’ve also had someone ask me to design a wedding invitation card for her friend…whom I’ve never met. Another person asked me to design a tattoo for herself. When I told them I’ll charge them, they said “but you drew those cute drawings on the cards for free!”

I couldn’t really clearly explain why/how it was different…:thinking:
Now that I think about it, maybe i should have just told them that I drew those images as a going-away gift???


Oh I´d think there´s a really big difference already in the ‘subject’ there, you´d take a lot of responsibility with a tattoo design and would probably spend much more time to be sure it´s really good - if a drawing on a going-away card isn´t 100%, who cares, but if a tattoo design isn´t 100%… :grin:

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I totally get where you are coming from. It’s funny, and sometimes a little annoying when people expect things for free. In those circumstances it’s totally fair for you to remind them that you’re a seller and they can totally make an account to buy your work.

In this case of doing the gig at your primary place of employment they probably just thought you were doing something fun and simple on the side. Their general assumption would not be that this was a source of income and something serious to you unless you communicate to them. Which again, is totally fair for you to communicate.

I partially agree with your post. I also don’t like working free for my coworkers but I absolutely don’t mind helping my friends with my skills. One of my friend is a CA and I never have to worry about my accounts. Even when I insist on paying for her help, she never accepts but a few months back, she was building her home and needed a lot of my help (but didn’t asked for it). I provided everything she needed so I guess we are even now but it’s not like we are keeping scores. I believe that’s why friends are for. They help you when you need them, no questions asked.

Many people won’t agree with this point and that’s alright. Your friends are different and you are different but to all those people - you should watch FRIENDS - Joe and Chandler friendship :grin:

WAAAAH!!! I’ve seen bad tattoos before, but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.
OK, those are quite bad…really bad.
I guess that’s why they have TV shows like Tattoo Nightmares…