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Dose anyone get these sad buyer messages?

I’m pretty sure Fiverr has a age requirement when it comes to using their site (13+).
This buyer contacted me for the creation of their clothing store.

I Develop, Design and code Buildings for games.
But I’m not going to create this order by spending the entire week doing it for free.
The sad story this buyer tells me tops the cake for making me feel sad for them.

Dose anyone else get these stories in their chats?
And should I report users like these?

Keep in mind I replied saying "Sorry I cant’ help you."


I got a related request last year, you can simply turn it down
I would love to do it for you unfortunately i am busy with other work so i cant do it for you right now. I am sure somebody else will help you. Good luck

This is a sweet and kind way to such offer down and also i would like you to report this message so that fiverr team can take relevant action against it.


Someone once reached out for me to do a project to help “children of Africa”. When I told them I didn’t work for free, they informed me that I was a terrible person who had no conscience. :slight_smile:

I highly doubt this person is 10. If after you decline they leave you alone, I wouldn’t report them.


You can turn them down with sweet note like i said above, what do you think?
But i must say these people are quite impressive. I love their thinking skills

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You can try and be very gentle and nice but be prepared to be called all kinds of names right after. :slight_smile: These people go from 0 to 100 very quickly.

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Such things are always entertaining. Well yes, many of them say alot. I had a chat with someone few months ago, he said many things in the end i just replied: Thank you :grinning:

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People are going to new levels trying to get work done for free, when they can just strike a deal for a lower price. which would make both parties happy at the end, but they want special treatment or your time wasted.


Isnt it possible that the buyer is lying by trying to get cute on you?

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That’s not sad. It’s manipulative and you aren’t a charity.

And you’d have to break the ToS to do free work anyway.

Don’t feel bad for this person.


Call me heartless and a cynic but I suspect they’re adult fraudsters.

Report them as spam and let’s rid the world of these scammers.

What next? “I have an online clothing store, please donate me stock to sell because I can’t afford it”? Or, “I have an online clothing store but I can’t afford the cost of shipping”? Load of nonsense.