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Dose it will cause any issue?

I’m on fiverr and now my brother want to create an account but we have the same internet connection and one laptop. Dose it will cause any issue?


Yes multiple account can’t use in same laptop.

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Don’t give false information.

Using same laptop from the same house with multiple accounts is allowed, as long as you contact customer support first and verify with them, as there’s some restrictions involved.

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That’s only possible when you contact CS and they gave you approval for that. But without that. Both accounts are at risk.

You may get in trouble for using same laptop !

If you are going to use same internet connection, same laptop and would offer similar services you are more likely to get banned !

If you want to offer same services, use single account and don’t create another…
But in case you want to offer different services, contact to fiverr CS and explain them circumstances,
only create another account if they allow.

Varify both accounts to be different persons and must use different back accounts !


You should contract with CS before 2nd account from the same device.

Please guide the procedure

What if I use separate laptop but same internet?

How to contact CS? And what CS means? Customer Support?

Yes, CS mean Customer Support.

Must,have a problem.It’s against fiverr TOS.

Separate laptops are fine as far as you both are offering different services and both accounts are verified to different individual !
Although You should take permission from CS to avoid any future trouble !

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You should contact customer center at first. Using same internet with different device is little safe. But in your case, dont take any risk. Contact CS first.

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