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Double Account information

Hi, Hope you all are fine :slight_smile:
I have a question could we create 2 Fiverr accounts on same system with the same internet connection? 1 account for seller and 2nd is for the buyer because sometimes I really need to buy from the fiver. Please leave your suggestions Thanks in advance.

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you can use an account to buy and sell , there’s no need for 2 accounts


You can switch to buyer or seller mode on your account.

Hi Respected Sir,

Actually fiver didn’t allow us to create multiple accounts on same system. and another thing is that you can easily switch to buyer mode and seller mode just with a single click. Just click on “Switch to Buying” Button to go in buyer mode and for seller mode again click the same button “Switch to selling”. You don’t need to create new account for that purpose.

That’s it.

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Everyone is allowed ONE account for both buying and selling. More than one account will get both banned, possibly permanently.

Read the terms of service - you agreed to them when you opened your account: