Double charge for the same order (Moved to Site Suggestions Due to Need for Fix)


Yes, that can happen (it happened to my friend).
You decide to order, click on Proceed to Payment, choose PayPal as your payment service provider, log in to PayPal, click pay and page crashes (it just holds and nothing happens for minutes even though Internet connection is stable and other pages work fine).
Then you check on Fiverr if order is placed and there is no order.
Ok, you repeat the process only to find out few hours later that you were charged twice for the same order.
Naturally, the simplest solution is to go to PayPal and to cancel the first order since it wasn’t placed (don’t do this).

Here is where problems start.
Now seller who has already delivered for this order has problems.
Seller got this message: “The buyer canceled the order and the funds were returned to their balance.”

Now buyer got his account restricted with this message: “Your account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team. For more information, please contact Customer Support here.”

Meanwhile, Fiverr support is very slow and for 25+ hours it didn’t manage to solve the problem (waiting more than 20 hours for their reply from their last message).

So, be aware when canceling payment in PayPal.
This means that you’ll give your seller problem and that your account will be restricted.
Instead contact Fiverr support first and be very patient.


Agreed, don’t do this, because it’s against Fiverr’s Terms of Service and can get you banned from the site.

Contact Customer Support instead, if you’re a buyer, or ask your seller for help (if the seller can help you with this).

Something similar happened to one of my buyers: he was charged twice for the same order. I’ve looked it up, and realized that I had two orders, one with the requirements filled in, and one that didn’t start yet. I have cancelled the second one (well, initiated the cancellation), and a few hours later Customer Support cancelled that order (the buyer didn’t even have the time to accept the cancellation) and returned the funds to the buyer.