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Double Charging PayPal Fees

Hello Fiverr,

Can you please explain why you charge a processing fee for using PayPal of ~ US$7.50? Because when you land on PayPal, they charge you the processing fee for using PayPal of the same figure. You’re both charging the fee for the same transaction process. Please sort this out, and advise of the process for getting reimbursed for these incorrect charges. Thank you.

Fiverr charges a small transaction fee each time someone orders but they don’t charge $7.50 as far as I know.

They charge a percentage I think, which for me was that. But why are they charging a transaction fee? They are not making the transaction and already taking 20% of the sale to cover those costs.

They didn’t charge this fee in the past. It’s just greediness.

Yes the fee is 5% on orders over 10$, for smaller orders the fee is a fixed 0.50$

No idea why they set it up like they did though and 5% is huge for a processing fee.