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Double charging


My customer claims Fiverr want to charge him a $13.51 Processing fee and Tax of $52 on a video he wants done. Is this true? Processing fee? What processing do the do. Tax?


I might be wrong here but I thought Fiver does charge the buyer an 0.50 processing fee for every single gig bought here.


Yes, a few months back they started adding a surcharge at check-out, beyond what you see. A base five-dollar gig has a surcharge of fifty cents, for example, so the buyer actually pays $5.50.

Short version: your customer is right about this.


The processing fee is 5% on amounts over $10. Is your Buyer from Israel? That might account for the tax. Otherwise, AFAIK, They don’t collect any taxes.


If they are getting that message from Fiverr, this buyer needs to contact Fiverr about it. Y

ou as the seller should not be involved in payment issues or even discuss those types of things with a buyer. You don’t want it to ever seem like you might be trying to go around the Fiverr system which is against the rules.

I would politely just tell the buyer that you are happy to do their gig, but that all payment issues go through Fiverr and to please contact customer support to find out about those charges.

Let me ask you this though, what is the total price you quoted this buyer? And were they trying to just order it through your gig via extras? For what total price?

I wonder how Fiverr is now handling all the VAT tax stuff.


Reply to @sincere18: This is a recent topic re:VAT.

[EDIT} But wait. That topic deals with Israeli Sellers. The OP here is from the US. So yes, do as @sincere18 suggests. Contact Customer Service.