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Double Jeopardy

It’s approaching two weeks now since I reported the disappearance of money from my Fiverr-to and out of my-Payoneer account, and I must say that Fiverr Customer care Service has been fantastic. Compared to Payoneer, i have never seen a company CS that beat that of Fiverr. They are very quick in their response, intelligent in their postulations, sympathetic and highly sensitive towards the plights of Sellers. Reverse those points and what you get is a horrible CS experience with Payoneer (little wonder Paypal is always a step ahead of them).

However, Fiverr said they couldn’t find any trace of hacking activity on my account, and there is nothing wrong at all (from their own point of view and investigation).

Alright, but they are still keeping my account restricted, even when I have ask them to lift the restriction since they couldn’t find any security breach on my account.

It’s approaching two weeks already and Fiverr still won’t lift the “Trust & Safety” restriction put on my account (for reasons initially well understood) following the complaint. I find this very awkward and confusing at the same time.

Dear Fiverr, please, I need to get back online and start working again. I have a family to cater for. I have already loss $232 to only God-knows-who, and now I’m restricted from working (for complaining legitimately?). This to me is like double jeopardy.

I know fiverr would want to get to the bottom of this, but since they have concluded that there is nothing wrong with the account, why not allow me to get back to business? I’m loosing clients and reputation already. This is not fair! I shouldn’t be suffering this way.

Please, breath the life back on my account and let my fingers work hard again.

Any one ever experienced this before?

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