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Double whammy - buyer lies on review and Fiverr gives me a warning

I am an easy going guy. I have been on Fiverr for 7 years, and have watched my sales go from 1600+ a month, to 3 - 600 a month. No problem. I have other income streams to rely on. But yesterday, a buyer left a 1.7 star review, with the explanation that she would never use me again because she requested a small revision and I never responded back to her. Actually, I did respond back by doing the revision and re delivering the video within the hour. So when I took a screenshot of the delivery and sent it to her, she says “Oh, well I see it now”. I asked if she could please change her review. She said she tried but didn’t know how to do it on her phone. So I contacted customer support. I asked them to remove the feedback, since I DID in fact deliver the video, with revisions. What did they do? GAVE ME A WARNING! Like I was doing something wrong. For seven years I have given Fiverr 20% of my revenues - and don’t get me started on all of the thousands I have spent here as a buyer. And that is how they treat you. I am so livid I am actually considering closing this headache of an account. Rant over.
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I am sorry this happened to you. If this is the case I don’t think the warning was warranted. You have my sympathy. There have been some recent bugs in which the buyers weren’t able to see the delivered files.

Did you send a screenshot to CS?


Sir when a senior and experienced person having issues with Fiverr system then they must try to fix that instead of delivering warnings, these days forums is flooded with sellers complaining similar issues and so called experts are hell bent to announce that Fiverr is right seller is wrong.


Such a shame on Fiverr, it feels like that these reviews are spitted on sellers and fiverr don’t allow us to wipe our face, we have to carry that shameful thing on our face entire life.

In lieu of hard work and 20% of our earning, we get spitted on our face.


Yes, that is sadly true that lies are allowed in reviews. So they don’t have to be truthful, which was confirmed by customer support when I asked if lies are considered as “abusive reviews”. In fact the review doesn’t even have to be about the service in question. You could say “It’s raining outside. I don’t like rain!” in your review about a proof reading gig that has nothing to do with the subject, and it would be perfectly acceptable. :roll_eyes: Or a more relevant example, you could claim that the seller didn’t give what you ordered and call them a scam artist, even if they did give what you purchased.

There should be some serious changes to the system. They didn’t even mention what is considered an abusive review. So I believe that would only be about super offensive words. Deception, totally okay!


Yes, I know it is very much irritating but you have to move on to next orders.

Hi fiverr from 7 years, What happened to you is wrong and i am sure this happened to all of us seller here so there is that but it doesn’t mean you can ask her to change the review which clearly is against the TOS

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This illustrates why we need to be a able to post a response to a review—

the buyer was mistaken in her review, knew she was, but couldn’t change it.

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Almost the same thing happened to me. I couldn’t believe it either. A warning to a seller who represents the best that the platform has to offer. It’s a real head scratcher. The thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of great sellers and buyers on Fiverr. We don’t want to give that up. So, just keep are heads down, lower our expectations for support, and move on.

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Cue Facepalm.


This post right here solidifies… The reason why I would never reach out to CS about feedback revisions on the Buyers behalf/challenge a feedback. It’s a trap!

@blackfolder1 You’ve got every right to be upset. The fact that you redelivered the ‘revised’ video is a slap in the face.

This is fudged up all the way around. The Buyer blatantly told tall :lying_face: tales and you’re punished for it. What a joke!

After reading so many posts of people experiencing the same infraction.

I’m very concerned.

Why is it such a big deal, if Buyers are initiating a feedback change request or when Sellers fight an unjust feedback?

Stuff happens!

People makes mistakes!



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I actually have few orders buyer accidentally leave 1 star review which is IMPOSSIBLE for my quality of works and they are so thrilled, so I ask why and they said it’s a mistake, then I send over a review modification and they correct it, we both happy after that.

So now it’s not allow even both party agree to correct it? REALLY?


Apparently not. It appears when contacting CS about feedback removal that’s when the :poop: starts hitting the fan. I remember @loganstover had issues in the past and he got :boxing_glove: slapped with a warning.

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I never tried the review modification button but it seems odd to remove that.

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It’s bizarre because BIG websites like eBay offers this option. As Sellers, we’ve got and an option to challenge a negative feedback/request feedback revision. As long as Sellers don’t bribe or request a feedback removal for a refund etc. Ebay doesn’t have an issue with this method at all. This is a common practice for most websites!


Ebay lets sellers respond to bad reviews.

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What the…? This is ridiculous.

Dear @micha
Please FIX it because Fiverr made the review system so important to battle on & we can’t lose it with buyer accidentally wrong clicked. At least get back the Review Modification button.

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It’s like, they’re hurting the people who care the most!


Isn’t that how life always is :cry:


What’s more infuriating is when Buyers are not truthful.

OP has the proof in the pudding, that should’ve been enough to remove the feedback.

Buyers should also receive warnings.


Does any one remember the early days of ebay.?
If you wanted to dispute a bad review you had to pay $5 to “square…something” to arbitrate it … Accept Fiverr takes there $20 percent and does nothing. Sellers protection Fiverr, Sellers protection.

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