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Double whammy - buyer lies on review and Fiverr gives me a warning

and, I don’t want to complain. I really don’t like to complain. I just want things to get better. It could be SO much better.

Yep!! And some DO lie at will, if things don’t go exactly as they had expected - even if their expectations were way out of control.

You’ve had great interaction with the seller - up until delivery… YET they’ll leave a 1 star rating for

  • Communication With Seller
  • Service as Described

Both of which can easily be checked - and the buyer’s lie apparent - but they don’t check, so you’re stuck with a 1 star review which affects your overall analytics in a bad way.:neutral_face::expressionless::no_mouth:


Sorry about that. Some buyers seem to be very hard to please.

I second this. Completely.


I can advise you to fill out another customer support ticket and explain in detail. May be they will remove the warning in your account and help you accordingly. It’s worth to try.

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Right, if we’re paying the extra fee for admin stuff or whatever, it shouldn’t be hard to read through Buyer/Seller messages. This is where the warnings comes into play for the untruthful Buyers. It’s up to 5r to put a stop to this kind of abuse. Otherwise, they’ll continue to get away with this stuff.


I am pretty sure that he will lose his account if he do this.


I’m not sure that he would lose his account for creating the second ticket on the same topic, but CS might consider it spamming and block him. I agree that it’s highly unlikely to help him in any way.

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