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Doubling Prices as Level Two


I am mainly a writer.

I am nearing my second promotion.

When I reached level one and doubled my prices, I made more money for less work, which was great.

Now, I am thinking of charging $5 per 250 words.

However, I noticed that even sellers level two and above seem to stop at $5 per 500 words.

I have been getting steady work from buyers without having to go through buyer requests.

So, if I have less buyers with the new price, I might use buyer requests again.

What are your expectations?


yeah ,i agree with you.i might to the same thing.


If you are good at what you do you will develop a good reputation and can raise your prices without fear.


I think you are on the right track. You also should weigh in your customer service as a reason why someone might pay a higher rate. A higher rate for less hassle.

People may choose your offer based on a combination of these things:
Expectations of the Customer Service Experience, Ratings, Level etc. (If they are new)
Turn around time.

I have noticed that sometimes the rate will top out in a specific audience market. But it sounds like you are not seeing this yet.


$5 per 500 words?

Guys you really need to start looking at the top accounts and how they price their services.

Do a bit of research and also figure out proper pricing. I know it’s tempting to keep your prices low but you are not only low-balling yourself, you also low-ball the market eventually by dragging prices down for everyone.

Plus, you’re also misinforming clients who may not know how hard our job as a writer is, and they think that this the normal rate.

And you would be getting a lot of cheapskates who need the world for $5. Is it really worth your time & effort?

Sorry if I do sound negative on this, but you should really up your prices. For me, 500 words would be at least $100 as a beginner.

If you have a good reputation and you are really good at what you are doing, then you will get the right clients.