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Doubt about completeing my first order

I am new in fiver.Yesterday I got an order.In this, I have to design 8 pages.I already completed 6 pages.I want client response about the designed pages.So what I do.Can I deliver these designed pages to client?Or I have to complete whole project and deliver to know the client response

I have 5 hrs to complete my project
please anyone help me its urgent


You should not deliver an incomplete project. You can take the help of customer support if your buyer don’t response.

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Welcome to Fiverr

If you are offering revisions on that gig, there will be no problem finishing all of the page by following the instructions that the client had given to you. And wait for client to get back to you and explain to the client that due to the deadline you had to finish it and also ask the client for any edits.

But, if you are not offering revisions on that gig! Then here is what you will do. You will have to do it as if you are offering revisions on that gig for this particular client.
And why is that?
Because you didn’t ask the customer for the full instructions before you start working on the project.

So, you should consider that you don’t start working on the project before having all the information that you will need for the project for the next orders.
And how to do that?
You can ask the clients for any information in the requirements page of the gig.
Or, you can chat with the client after he orders from you and imagine if that was the last chat with that client before handing the full project (because after that chat the client will think that you had all of the information and that you are busy working on the order).

And by the way it is ok, we are all human and we learn of our mistakes.

This time you should finish the project with all of the pages and accept editing it if the client asked you to.

Hope that i have helped.


Thanks sir
thanks your revert…


auto fill option has been working …

Waiting for your client and try to complete your project 100%.
Then deliver this project.

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The answer is whatever your gig promised the buyer.

If your agreement was to deliver 8 pages, then you deliver 8 pages.

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