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Doubt on earnings

I am new in Fiverr.I completed my order just now.My order price is 25$.But after complete the order in earning I got 20$.Anyone please rply Whats the reason for this?

Fiverr takes 20% of your all earnings. You can read the Fiverr ToS to have a understanding of how Fiverr works. It’s clearly stated there.


Thank you for the information

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Also, when you come to withdraw your earnings, depending on where in the world you are and which method you use to withdraw your funds, you are likely to face a withdrawal and possibly a currency exchange fee.

Search the forums, there’s lots of info from different posters.

@digitalprint08 I advise you to consider not using someone´s else photo in your profile image.

Could be just a matter of time when someone reports misleading profile.

That is the correct statement. 20% commission for Fiverr.

Did you not read TOS? It clearly states you will get 80%.

Honestly, you form a binding contract but you don’t know the terms!

Fiverr will deduct 20% commission from you for each order.

It’s in the ToS. You have to read the ToS when you register with Fiverr. Why did you agree to the terms if you hadn’t read them? You shouldn’t register with a service to make money without knowing how it works.

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Fiverr takes 20 percentage from your earnings
That you earned from orders