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Doubt regarding buyer request,

I am new to fiverr. I have created all 7 gigs and i got many buyer request too.But my doubt is that,can i send a offer to a buyer request that has budget more than my premium package of my gig.
and Can i send the offer with price more than my highest gig package(if the buyer request budget is more than highest gig price).
I have not get any order or any buyer request offer acceptance till the date,so i don’t have any idea about this.Please help me if you know about this
Thank you

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Yes You can send the buyer request with budget great than your Gig packages.But you also need to remember there would me many peoples sending requests so select a budget that makes you considerable for buyer. Focus on writing killer buyer request and ask them a question in buyer request to attract them to yourself…

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Ok,Thanks for your information.:kissing_heart: